WhatsApp: How to open all chats without reading in 3 simple steps | It is available on both Mac and Windows

The WhatsApp Launch a new tool for Organize messages in the app. While it can have many uses, it will be an important feature for those who They have many pending chats. This is because from now on, you can do it in three simple steps Mark all pending conversations as read.

Specifically, the latest beta version of whatsapp for pc Includes option Filter reading chats, until they stop appearing in the conversation list. This update is expected in the coming weeks It also accesses mobile applications.

In principle, the filter works only to separate those chats that have been read from those that have not been opened. However, the tool may also allow you to manipulate other functions, How to separate groups from individual users.

Unread chat filter feature is available in WhatsApp version Desktop Beta 2.2221.1the two are in Mac and in windows. It can be downloaded from the official page of the application for free.

How to open pending chats in three steps

  1. Download the latest version of WhatsApp for desktop. This can be done at the following link: https://www.whatsapp.com/download//?l=uz&lang=es

  2. Once the session is open, find the button to filter chats. It’s located in the top right, next to the word search bar in the app.

  3. Select messages and mark them as read.

Several WhatsApp users have reported complaints regarding Log in to the web version of the app. According to the testimonies that have been repeated on social media, It takes longer than required to load its web version.

From Meta they explained that in the latest update they have integrated a new function called Multiple devices which allows the user to use the web version without having their smartphone nearby, since WhatsApp web copies all files Found in the mobile version: Photos, videos, audios, gifs or stickersTo provide a better user experience.

The goal was to leave behind Problems brought by sync Web application with a cell phone, applicable in the previous version, such as delays in receiving messages or automatic disconnection.

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