WhatsApp: How to know with whom you share the most photos and videos

09/05/2019 Videos and photos can reveal the time spent talking to a specific person on WhatsApp. GOOGLE PLAY RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY

Today it is undeniable that most people usually communicate with the help of photos and videos, especially on social platforms, considering the impact of the Internet on everyday life. either through Memes, photos, infographics and short videos (such as rollers or those of TikTok) or longAudiovisual materials have become a language linked to the digital reality of the world.

However, although it appears to be a form of expression that does not affect anyone, the overexploitation of videos and images, especially those delivered via social networking applications on mobile phones, They gradually fill the device’s memory at exorbitant scales, at least, regarding the storage occupied by messages or audios.

For this reason, it is always important to monitor the internal storage of a cell phone to see how full its memory is, thus knowing whether or not it is fair to be disturbed by the amount of audiovisual resources that access the mobile phone.

Now, storage can tell us more than just the free space left for your phone. In fact, Most of the applications have their own tools to find out how much information the cell phone stores from the mentioned platform, for example, WhatsApp.

The well-known application, owned by Facebook Inc. , is one of the platforms that can send more content directly to the phone’s memory, taking into account the amount of messages, photos, videos, sounds and documents that can reach the profile of a digitally active person. thinking about this, WhatsApp has its own storage analysis function which many people have decided to use for more than just knowing the state of their mobile phone memory.

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Thus, recently a small “trick” was leaked on social networks, which is more than just advice, it is a piece of information that is completely visible on WhatsApp With which you can get to know directly who the audiovisual resources are shared with (photos and videos) on this platform.

It should be borne in mind that groups may also appear in this list, given the amount of information that can come from them. even in, The group can rank first on that listIn this case, the only thing to do is to consider the first chat which is typical for a person to know that it is with this person that more videos and photos are shared with him.

First of all, we must remember that the WhatsApp storage tool is focused on photos or videos, so surely, even if a document or another document is filtered, it will be nothing more than APKs or audio files.

Knowing that, you just have to follow these simple steps to find out who is the person with whom most videos or photos are shared in the app:

1. Open the WhatsApp application on the cell phone.

2. Locate the three dots at the top right of the screen. Click and from the dropdown menu select Settings.

3. A new screen will open. You will need to look for the option storage and data; Click on it.

4. Now you just have to click on the first tool which is Space management.

5. Finally, a new screen will open in which the space occupied by the WhatsApp multimedia files will be displayed in detail, as well as the storage space occupied by applications and other items on the cell phone. naturally, You will also see a list of the people or groups you share videos and photos with the most in the app.

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tasty! You can actually find out who is the person you share your multimedia files with the most and see if they are the one you thought.

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