WhatsApp: How do you know who left a group | New update for the messaging app

The WhatsApp Will allow from your next update Review who was part of a group in the past. It will be available for those who have recently joined the chat or for those who want to know more about Users who have been deleted or left the conversation.

This news comes a few weeks after it was reported that apps Stop sending notifications to all group participants When someone leaves the chat or gets deleted.

In this way, a window of possibility is opened for those who intend to monitor members, which will be effective especially for very large groups, with many members.

The first leaks show this tool already in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS. In this way, it will be possible, in a way, to find out the “chat history”.

but this is not all, A tool will also be added to be able to search for users within groups.. This is useful, especially if you take into account that the maximum number of users allowed is 256, and finding the desired contact just by moving the screen can be complicated.

How do you see who left the chat

As stated in the specialized WhatsApp news page, WaBetaInfoyou can access group information by working Click the icon with the image of two stuck people.

There will be a “Group info” option, soon there will be a new option called View previous participants.

It should be clarified that it is not counting all those who left the congregation from its inception, but only those who have been eliminated. During the past 60 days. It will not be known why or whether the exit was forced by the official himself.

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With this new feature, the plan will finally be implemented so that admins only receive chat messages when someone leaves the group or is removed from it. All people who have left or been removed from the group will only be visible in the “View previous participants” list.

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