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How can someone access my account? ? This is a question many users have asked themselves at some point. This makes sense because on the above mentioned messaging platform, it is not possible to login like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and more; However, due to an oversight on your part, they can use your cell phone, open the app, and link your WhatsApp account in the web or desktop versions. The situation is made worse if you are a “Betatester”, as the session will remain open even if you turn off your cell phone or do not have an Internet connection, as part of developments in the “Multi-device” mode.

As we said before, the situation ““It is a new tool still in development, which will allow you to connect your account simultaneously on up to four different devices, such as: mobile phones, browsers, computers or laptops, and a native app for tablets will be released in the future. They will all work Independently, which means your phone can be turned off or offline and you will still chat normally on other computers.

Although it sounds positive, the truth is that it is also a risk to the security and privacy of your conversations, because someone can take over your phone and link your account to WhatsApp Desktop or the web after scanning the QR code, so they will always have access to the messages you send Or receive it in real time. In this opportunity, we will let you know from Mag trick to find out if someone has accessed your account The WhatsApp.

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Steps that you should know if they have logged into your WhatsApp account

  • First, check it out The WhatsApp You have no pending updates.
  • Open the app.
  • Now, tap on the three vertical dots icon present in the top right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, click on the option that says “Linked Devices”.
  • Look at the Device Status section and below it you will see all the devices where your WhatsApp account is opened.
  • You will get the browser in the case of WhatsApp Web and the operating system in the case of WhatsApp Desktop.
  • In addition, the status of your account will appear, if you use it in real time, then “Active session” will be highlighted, otherwise the date and time of the last connection will be shown.
  • To remove access to your account, tap on any device you don’t know and tap Sign Out.

Find out if your partner has deleted conversations on WhatsApp

  • Sign in to The WhatsApp And tap the three vertical dots icon > “Settings” again.
  • Here you will click on the “Storage and Data” > “Manage Storage” sections.
  • Scroll down and in the Chats section you will see the name of all the contacts you’ve talked to before.
  • Finally, go back to the main WhatsApp interface and if this user’s name is not there, then their conversation has been deleted.

It’s over, that will be it. You will not access messages, but you will access photos and videos sent by chat The WhatsApp. It is important to clarify that this trick should be used in good faith, to suddenly recover multimedia files that your partner sent to a particular contact, either because they lost the conversation by moving their account to another mobile device or for other reasons. .

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How to prevent your friends from seeing your WhatsApp notifications

  • The first thing will be to enter the settings of your smartphone.
  • There go to the Applications option.
  • After that, go to WhatsApp.
  • You will see a variety of options.
  • Go to notifications.
  • In this section, you should see what alerts you want to receive.
  • There deactivate the option that shows WhatsApp notifications on your cell phone.
  • With this said, when you receive an alert, no one but you will know that you received a message.

How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

  • Download the app called WARM from Google Play.
  • If you can’t find it, here we leave you a file .
  • It should be noted that this program is completely free and does not charge a fee for the number of messages retrieved.
  • When you download it, give it all the appropriate permissions to access your notifications.
  • At that moment, if your friend decides to delete a message for everyone on WhatsApp, the WARM app will work by itself.
  • If this happens, just enter the respective app and you will be able to read that deleted message to everyone on WhatsApp.
  • There you’ll see exactly what that message said, even if it’s a photo, video, and even an animated GIF or sticker.

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