WhatsApp hides the phone number to take care of the users

WhatsApp seeks to increase the privacy protection features of users by hiding their numbers in communities so that no one else can see them. (Reuters/Dado Rovic)

New feature for The WhatsApp It will allow users to hide their phone number so that it is not available to other members of the Communities In the application, so that their privacy can be safely maintained and they cannot be contacted unknown people.

In this way, they will not only avoid unwanted contacts, but also create dynamics interactions between members Community To be anonymous and respect the security of other users who integrate these networks into it The WhatsApp.

The function is called “private phone number”has been kept active for a few users, but is already enabled for more people and will be released gradually until it is activated on all devices compatible with the latest version of The WhatsApp.

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To let users know if they have been selected for early release For this new privacy feature, one of the requirements is that it belongs to a Community of any kind and with an unlimited number of participants as a minimum. If this is the case, you must follow these steps:

Enter the application The WhatsApp from cell phone.

Open the tab Communities in the upper left of the screen.

– Enter one of the groups within Community.

– Click on the group name to access the screen Group details Drag your finger down to access session.

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The option should appear at the bottom of the screen “private phone number”.

WhatsApp will allow you to hide the cell phone number in the communities. (WABetaInfo)
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By clicking on this section, users will see a popup in which a file will appear ZIP code and the last two digits of your phone number along with a message detailing the benefit of this new feature The WhatsApp.

According to the script, the only people who will be able to see the user’s phone number will be, in principle, a file Community managers But also those members who saved the phone as a file personal contactas well as who can access it by others joint groups within the app. “Other participants will not see your entire number in this chat,” he confirms.

WhatsApp will allow you to hide the cell phone number in the communities. (Infobae)

On the other hand, according to the official website of to requestThose who do not have access to the phone number will only be able to see the country code and the last two digits. In the case of Administrators cell phone, this will be visible to all members Community

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In case users are not able to access this feature, they will need to check that the version of WhatsApp on their device is the latest or download it directly from Google Play Store also app store. In either case, it will only be necessary to search for the name of the application in the store and to check that the “Update” sign appears below the name and the logo.

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Once the application has been updated, it must be closed permanently (do not leave it active in the background) and reopened to verify that the new functionality is indeed active.

If an update is not accessible and the feature is not activated for you, you will have to wait a few more days.

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