WhatsApp has a new feature to control chats at the same time

A mobile phone with the WhatsApp logo. (Photo: iProfessional)

It has been possible for a long time to use a tool that allows messages sent through a chat The WhatsApp They are automatically destroyed after a certain period of time. The fact is that this option is very useful (especially for more professional users of messaging applications). also in This tool works on a new possibility, This will surely interest all users Messaging app From Goal.

It’s one of those developments that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but is ultimately important to the application because it fulfills a primary goal: to make it as simple as possible to use and Everyone benefits from the possibilities it contains WhatsApp to get the most out of it.

And for now, if you want to configure WhatsApp messages that self-destruct, you have to do it conversation by conversation. This is starting to change, like The application will allow to configure automatic deletion of messages in several chats (or groups) at the same time.

It seems simple and trivial, but it is not. As of today, to achieve this, as mentioned above, you have to do chat by chat to make the corresponding adjustment. However, in this way you can save a lot of time and thus avoid forgetfulness that can turn into problems.

This way, once you click on a new section of the configuration, It will be possible to do this in a large number of chats (more than 100). And the process is very simple, because by just using the multiple options that already exist in WhatsApp, the goal is achieved.

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For example, after five days, the message sent from all conversations with individual or group contacts will be deleted. Thus, we are talking about a very useful option.

New function for temporary messages.  (Photo: WABetaInfo)
New function for temporary messages. (Photo: WABetaInfo)

Also, the place to make a general selection is in the section default duration It is in the deleted messages (specifically there is a link that the user has to click).

This was found in Privacy In the account when accessing the messaging app settings. Therefore, everything is as intuitive as possible.

Still in testing phase

As usual, this new job Currently available in beta version of WhatsApp, Specifically in Android operating system.

The launch is already underway for all users of this application and it is expected to be developed for it in the next few days iOS.

Once we verify that everything is working fine, it will be taken to the final app for all users to download from the official app stores. he is called, The Meta-owned company’s modus operandi continues to be maintained.

The WhatsApp.  (Photo: Reuters/Dado Rovich)
The WhatsApp. (Photo: Reuters/Dado Rovich)

What to do to recover WhatsApp account

If the account is temporarily suspended, only You have to uninstall the unofficial app that was used and download the official app. After the penalty time has passed, WhatsApp can be used again.

In all cases, it is recommended Save chat history Before downloading the official version.

If the suspension is permanent, then there is one last solution that can help any user to get that suspended account back. WhatsApp has this on its official blog Where users can report problems or unfair bans.

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You just have to tell the case and after investigation, they will respond indicating the steps to follow.

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