WhatsApp creates a sticker search tool

The WhatsApp Introduce a new job that will be very useful to you: It is a Sticker finder.

“You can now search for stickers on WhatsApp. Do you want to say I love you? There is a sticker for that. You have to say and.”as such? There is also a poster for him, “the messenger communicates via social networks.

This is a tool Available in latest update From the Android and iOS app. So in order to use it, all you have to do is download the latest version of the app.

Adems, the pods Program words And only by typing it in, will the options you recorded appear.

To find WhatsApp stickers, you have to enter the box that says “Search by text or emojiThere, you’ll find the sticker you need right away without having to see the entire list.

How to hidewritingOn WhatsApp

Also note that there are many applications that are You can create, From pictures and videos, WhatsApp stickers and later save them with names that you can then use in the search engine.

Fuente: iProfesional

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