WhatsApp changes the way you see statuses and channels with this tab

Channels will be private and creator contact information will not be shared.

Channels is one of the functions that The WhatsApp Works for a while to be added in the future. This format allows users to enter chats containing specific topics to be placed in a new tab next to statuses.

WABetaInfo found this novelty in the beta version of its Android app. The section will be called “Updates”, and there will be channels and statuses shared by users.

In addition, more details have been released on how these new chats will work, as the messaging platform will be kept private.

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channels It’s a way to share content with other users, so the owner of that space will be the only one who can share posts, while followers will have the option to read and reply to them.

This is the format that is actually implemented in instagram and in cableand in The WhatsApp They will have a similar process, where there will be no follower limits, but creators’ privacy will be taken care of because their contact information, such as a phone number, will not be shown.

Channels will be private and creator contact information will not be shared. (WABetaInfo)

These are the new features that are currently being tested in the beta version of the app:

– user interface: The channels will have a different design where the creator’s message will take up all the space on the screen.

Verification status: Profiles will have the option to obtain a green badge confirming their authenticity.

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Followers: There will be an indicator to show how many users are following this account.

– Button to mute notifications: Block notifications from some unfollowed channels.

– Abbreviations: Three specific user actions within channels consist of unfollowing, forwarding, and sharing a channel with other people.

– Safa channel: This will be displayed on the account info screen and will tell users what the content is about.

Vision Center: The channel can be set to public so anyone can discover it.

– Reports: There will be options to report channel content.

while The WhatsApp It’s polishing channels, and it’s looking at where it puts them within the app. The course the developers would take would be to put it in a new tab next to the statuses that have been on the platform for some time.

“Updates” is the name they are currently using in beta. From there you can create channels and upload statuses, likewise there will be an option to see content uploaded by others and which channels are being followed.

Channels will be private and creator contact information will not be shared. (WABetaInfo)
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New update for The WhatsApp It includes improvements to surveys and forwarding of multimedia messages such as photos and documents.

It brings functions such as creating files Surveys Where you can only answer once, because until the previous version of this function, any user could delete their vote and change it to another multiple times at any time.

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The update adds a new field “Allow multiple responses”, which will be active by default. In order for a poll to be closed with only one vote per person within the chat group in which it was created, this option must be deactivated before the message is sent.

Another change in the app is that users will now be able to add comments to these files before hitting the submit button. This will only be possible if the file that is part of a conversation already contains a comment in its original version. In addition, the new version of the file will allow adding new images And even videos as part of the forwarded message.

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