WhatsApp changes the way you see groups shared with a contact

The WhatsApp search engine will display the people who are included in the conversations next to the messages they have sent. (photo: addiction)

New update for The WhatsApp It will allow users to see the groups that are shared with contacts more easily using the search tool on platform. This way you can include a file direct access For these group chats and meet members without having to enter these details talks.

Currently, when you search for a contact’s name in The WhatsAppOnly messages sent by that person will be able to appear, either in private chats or in groups they share or to which they subscribe. In addition, the search can be added Content filters Attached as links and files My voiceAnd videosAnd the picturesAnd documents also cartoon sent by this person.

However, this new search method will include a new section in the file results communicate “common groups”where you can see the main symbol of the group or community to which both people belong together with a short message indicating “(Name communication) is also in this group”. This additional section will appear at the top of the a screen.

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The new WhatsApp search tool will display groups shared by contacts. (WABetaInfo)

Secondly, after Search filters From Shared Content, you will find the Messages That particular contact sent in the conversations just like you would find in the current version of the app. This new update, however, is only available to users who have the operating system android.

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People who have an operating system iOS They will only be able to use this new search tool if they are within a domain beta releases Exclusively for device users manzana.

New search function Contacts Shared groups are currently available to people who have a beta test of platformalthough it is indicated that it will be launched in the following days and weeks to more users android with to update from the app. To find out if you have the latest version of the platform, users should search for “WhatsApp” in the app Google Play Store And check if the app has an update button.

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Another of the new posts that could appear in the coming months corresponds to Messages that can be shipped within conversation group. The WhatsApp The integration of a new feature that allows users to set an expiration date will be evaluated Contents that are sent by this method.

WhatsApp will allow you to create temporary groups that can delete all messages after a certain time. (WABetaInfo)

The aim of this new application is to avoid that groups become irrelevant or that they hold a large amount of information that the user does not need to talk about because this group chat has already completed its function. Select a period Expiration in talks These combinations also prevent unnecessary backups of chats that also take up space on your virtual storage. Google Drive also iCloudwhich increases the amount of time the system needs to complete creating a backup.

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The way to access this new functionality is through the “Details” section of the conversation group already exists and select some of the timer options found in the section “temporary groups(found in the group chat details). Within this functionality, users will be able to set some available options like a period Enable to read sent messages. These can be: 1 day, 1 week, set a specific date or “remove expiration date”.

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According to the site WABetaInfowho reported the existence of this new update for the beta version of The WhatsApp on devices iOSTo access this feature, people do not necessarily have to be admins of the group.

It is not yet known what the consequences of the removal will be Messages which are marked as reserved.

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