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tilde sign for “visible” for The WhatsApp It is something that undoubtedly generates conflict among the users of this application. Whether it is a letter to a partner, friend or someone at work, Being “nailed” is always something that can bother you and unleash some kind of annoyance. For this reason, many decide to simply hide it and it is not possible to find out whether you entered the conversation or not in order to avoid problems.

In the last hours, the post made by a young woman Twitter It went viral. In the photo you can see a conversation she had with her friend under the caption: “I accidentally nailed my girlfriend”. It can be seen that the couple texted him “okay” after more than three hours without receiving any kind of response and monitoring Blue tickI ordered, annoyed: “you do not love me anymore”.

As expected, the post of user @valen_reales immediately went viral, and so far it has collected more than 5 thousand “Retweets” and exceeded 82 thousand “likes”.

Many tweeters learned about the situation and shared their own experiences, some of them laughed at the conversation, while others accused his girlfriend of being “toxic” because she demanded a response to the WhatsApp message.

WhatsApp: How can I deactivate “Seen” and “Last Connected Time”?

If you want to avoid encountering situations similar to those of Valen, you can deactivate the last connection time and the blue check mark for “Watching” with a few simple steps that won’t cost you anything.

1) In the app, click on the three dots at the top right and go to Settings.

2) Under Your Information, click Account.

3) In this menu, enter Privacy.

4) Once here, you have both options. To deactivate “Last Connection Time”, select “Nobody” in the first menu. For Watching, turn off Read Notifications.

ready! No one will be able to tell if you saw the message or not or what was the last time you entered the app. From now on, when you read a message to the other person, the blue double check will not appear to tell them to read it. Of course, if you deactivate this option, you won’t be able to see others’ read confirmations either, so you’ll be left without knowing if someone has read you.

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