What you don’t know about BeReal: The “fine details” of its conditions and application risks

released in 2020, be realistic curious Application To share photos that have emerged as a trend this year. Unlike traditional social networks: it allows Post one photo every 24 hours in a random two-minute window of the day.

Millions of people around the world, mostly Generation Z, have found in this application a way to change the rules of the game on the Internet and today it already has more than 10 million users. However, its use carries some risks. Which we must take into account to protect our privacy and integrity

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Within BeReal, there are a series of dangers derived from the operation and rules Application. Moreover, bad practices such as luring and the Send text messagesFor example, although they may seem unrelated to the reality of our environment, they continue to position themselves as some of the risks faced by minors who frequently use the app.

BeReal, the trendy app in 2022 (Photo: Capture BeReal)

The general concept of BeReal can be strange. However, the app is an app Social networking is easier and less effort Existing: your The goal is to capture everyday life And sharing both the activities we do on a daily basis and the most exciting moments, even if it’s homework or being in the bathroom.

The basic premise is that every day, at a certain but always different time, the app sends a notification asking Take a picture of what you’re doing with a selfie and upload it to the platform. Until you share it, you won’t be able to see anyone’s daily photo.

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Before you upload it, BeReal allows you to choose the audience – just your friends or all users – and decide if you want to share your location and save the image to your device. And if you decide not to publish it, it will not allow you to see the photo of the rest of the users. If you do, you can see it, comment on it, and send feedback.

Unlike other social media platforms, such as Instagram, tik tok And for Snapchat, BeReal’s proposal is more “fair” for those who participate, as it only allows you to see other people’s posts if you upload your own. Plus Access to the profile of other anonymous users is not allowed.

On the other hand, BeReal also has very few limitations when it comes to posting images and controls. For example, photos that have been posted They are not supervised and there is no parental control in the app.

As for the consentWhen using both cameras it may happen that some People appear in the final photo without their permission to be photographed.

BeReal, the trendy app in 2022 (Photo: Capture BeReal)
BeReal, the trendy app in 2022 (Photo: Capture BeReal)

What happens with the rights of photos uploaded to BeReal

By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you grant BeReal Permissions to reuse the photos you share on the platform for 30 years, Either for advertising campaigns, promotional materials, videos, assemblies or anything else the application deems appropriate.

This draws attention because it is a very long time and due to the nature of the application there are many users who can share embarrassing moments or Situations you don’t want to rememberand less in such a long time.

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What are the risks of BeReal for minors

To register for BeReal, you must fill in personal information such as phone number, name and age. Anyone over the age of 13 can register.so a large number of teenage and minor users are part of the platform.

Taking selfies at any time of the day can present risks for minors (Image: Adobe Stock)
Taking selfies at any time of the day can present risks for minors (Image: Adobe Stock)

By posting pictures of their daily life, many people will be able to find out Boys’ habitstheir tastes, behaviors, and routinewhich can be seen by all.

BeReal . Safety Recommendations

  • Download images in . format Special.
  • In no case should you share personal data, name, surnames, phone number, address or the name of the school they attend.
  • Talk to the palace Increase awareness of risks And the rules of coexistence in the social network.

How does BeReal work

Every day, BeReal will ask you for a file 2 minutes pass Take a picture The app will take the snapshot Simultaneous front and back camerasSo in the photo you will appear and what to do at that moment.

BeReal notifications
BeReal notifications

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis method is that you do not have time to prepare the image because, according to the application, it will not be original. What happens if you don’t like the picture? You can ignore it and try again, but the app will tell your friends how many times you’ve done it again.

And if you’re more than two minutes late, the app also alerts your contacts that you’re over it and that you may have changed places or surroundings or had time to change your look to look “more stylish”.

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Shared photos will only reach your friends, but there is also the possibility to “open” your profile and make it public so that everyone can see your photos. Thus, you can also browse and interact with the list of users who decide to share their lives in the app.

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