What now comes to Chile after the long-suffering celebration in Peru?

It was a streak that stretched too far, despite the goal being achieved in the end. Chile beat Peru 3-2 Last weekend in Lima, thanks to wins Alejandro Tapelo and Nicholas Jari and the doubles consist of both. “I congratulate the players and the whole team on the handover,” captain Nicholas Massu said after turning off the tap.

It was all happiness, wasn’t it?But now what’s to come for Chile in the Davis Cup? The national team was able to advance to the knockout rounds, which will take place between 3 and 5 February 2023. In the positive case where Chile won, they will immediately advance to the round of 16 best in the world who will fight to win the title. “Silver salad bowl.” Otherwise, and if Chile loses, they will play in the World Group I qualifiers in 2023, the same case in which they played last weekend against Peru.

Who could Chile face at that point? The pupils of Nicolas Massu have 17 potential competitors: Croatia, Canada, Italy, Argentina, Great Britain, Sweden, Colombia, Austria, the United States, Australia, the Czech Republic, Spain, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Belgium and Serbia.

Among these actors, there are three scenarios that Chile will visit: the United States, the Czech Republic and Australia. As a local, the national team will be measured against Croatia, Canada, Italy, Argentina, Great Britain, Sweden, Colombia and Austria.

The chances of playing at home or away against Spain, Germany, Kazakhstan, France, Belgium and Serbia will be decided by a draw in November. And today, in the fight for the “silver salad platter” there are eight countries: the United States, Italy, Germany, Canada, Spain, Croatia, the Netherlands and Australia.

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On paper and outside of the level reached by Alejandro Tapelo, Nicolas Garri and reintegrated Christian Garin in February, the teams that can be reached in the qualifiers are Sweden, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Austria and the Netherlands.

On the contrary, Argentina, the United States, Italy, Spain and Canada appear to be more complex competitors. The destination will depend on the moment of the National Tennis Players and their draw next November.

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