What LigaPro does is an aberrant monopoly; The public has the right to photography”, says the head of the Sports Journalists Department of Ecuador | National Championship | Sports

For Walter Saltos Muñoz, President of the Sports Journalists Department of Ecuador (CPDE), “monopolistic desire” is the reason why the PFL refuses to accredit Diario EL UNIVERSO photographers so that they can do, as it has since 1957, cover national championship commitments for the 2022 season.

“We will not stop being brave in the face of the obvious: LigaPro has a monopoly on photographs for the benefit of a certain group,” the union leader said this Wednesday, ahead of LigaPro’s stand still today.

From the organizing body of the Ecuadorean Championship, Saltos added, “the photographic work is invaded when there is undoubtedly a wide world of professionals, from various media, who can do this work, with all rights”.

They want a monopoly

The caller Riosense stated: “Knowing what is happening only through press reports, and not by all the press, does not prevent us from giving an opinion. We are obligated to participate in the claim made, as it is fair and honest. What LigaPro intends to do is monopolize the photographic work, although From the fact that the Constitution of the Republic protects the free exercise of the press.”

Saltus, who berated the silence of the LigaPro Chiefs Council in the face of opposition to accrediting photographers from the national media, said the decision was taken by the top leadership of the LigaPro entity.

“She made something clear: Denying the credentials of graphic historians is not just something in the purview of LigaPro’s communications department; this is a trivial little area. The idea comes from elsewhere. The CPDE President emphasized that due to the absence of Miguel Angel Lore (who is in Miami, US) ) Since last December, the CEO is the one who orders, commands, does and cancels.

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“This is odd”

Saltus made a call to LigaPro: “They should change the decision not to accredit photographers immediately. It’s an anomaly. As much as a foreign company has bought the television rights to the tournament games, photographers have other kinds of perfectly valid rights that have been acquired in more than 60 years.” from doing their job. The audience deserves the diversity of tournament graphics.”

Previously, César Ricaurte, founder and director of Fundamedios (Andean Foundation for the Monitoring and Study of Media), expressed the view that LigaPro’s actions “undermine the fundamental right of access to public information, thus also undermining freedom of expression”.

The right to be informed

Stalin Diaz, president of the Ecuadorean Association of Photojournalists and Supplements (AEFA), said of the LigaPro scale: “It limits our right to the media. They closed, with their position, the possibility of graphic diversity for the tournament, and the biggest impact was for the fans.”

Meanwhile, Nassib Naim revealed: “Emlik has been affected by the practices that LigaPro uses with its photographers. We have already received written claims from our sponsors, and our club has submitted similar claims to LigaPro.”

“There is piracy against club sponsors (of the tournament) when the digital overlay is done with the photographers managed by LigaPro. Emelec has already complained, because we have received claims from our sponsors; however, the practice of piracy continues,” the Electricity Club president said. (Dr)

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