What it’s like to teach in the US (Sharing Education opens a call for $37,000 per year)

Share the learning You have just launched a 2022 call and aim to fill 1,000 vacancies globally. Argentina is among the countries where they are looking for teachers.

To find out what this initiative offers and who can apply, informations speak with Tatiana Rudiander Who has been living (and studying) since January 2020 in Wilmington, North Carolina, alongside Share the learning.

Before applying to this program, applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Hold a degree related to the educational field, whether it is a university professor’s degree or a university degree
  • Have more than two years of continuous experience in front of the semester.
  • Have a sufficient level of English to practice their profession in that language.

rudiander She comments that she is an English language and literature teacher, but explains that it is not necessary to be a foreign language teacher to be part of the programme. “Any teacher or professor can enroll, but they have to demonstrate that they can move in an environment where everyone speaks English,” he explains.

At the same time, he made it clear that if applicants were selected, they would not necessarily perform the same tasks as in their home country: “Currently I teach Spanish to fifth graders; changing the language I had to teach was awkward at first, but it wasn’t difficult. I have to adapt. The essence is the same: Teaching a second language to native speakers of another language.”

Application, visa and duration of the program
“At the beginning of 2019, I looked for alternatives to traveling abroad, and I came across Share the learning; I completed the online application form and soon after they called me for an interview via Skype. After that, they asked me to upload the necessary documents and called me for a face-to-face interview in Buenos Aires,” he tells. rudiander.

“Everything was so simple; this process that started as “let’s see what’s up” became reality very quickly, and the truth is I didn’t believe it. In December, they were already contacting me with a school interested in my profile and on the same day they introduced me A job offer. I accepted and they started guiding me to get the visa,” he adds.

It should be noted that selected teachers must apply for a J-1 visa, which is a nonimmigrant work permit. This previously allows them to practice in the North American country for one year, but it can be extended to a maximum of three.

In addition, this type of visa allows both the children and spouses of the holder to apply for a J-2 visa, another visa that also allows them to reside temporarily in the United States and even work there.

Falling and living standards
“The truth is Share the learning It helped me a lot: they paid for my ticket, gave me a cell phone with a US number as soon as I arrived, opened my bank account here and assigned me a consultant, who helped me find an apartment,” he says rudianderhe continues: “They were very present from the beginning and not only in teaching but also in passion; I felt very supported.”

When asked about the difference between living standards in both countries, the teacher replied that it is difficult for her to make a comparison. “We just came from Tierra del Fuego, a province with very different costs from the rest of Argentina, and fortunately we did not have economic difficulties. But it is true that living here is more expensive, especially in our case, that we are a family of four and we have two girls; we also have a dog, Which here represents a big expense.”

A dollar salary, yes, but is it enough?
as Share the learningApplicants for this program can earn an annual stipend of approximately $37,000.

“If my family and I have to live with that here, we can do it, but we’d be very fair,” he says. rudiander “Fortunately, my husband was also able to get a job; this allows us to be calmer.”

“It’s not that I can buy 10 pairs of shoes a month, but I’m in a position to save up or travel a little,” he concludes, “but every case is very different; I imagine my scenario shouldn’t be the same as the one depicted.” Someone who comes alone, for example.”

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