What is the new post-pandemic emotional well-being?

The only constant is change, and while this present will also pass, post-pandemic has already arrived along with the new normal.

The world will not be the same as before, many functions and activities have already been assimilated in another way, and to a greater or lesser degree, this affects almost everyone.

Being able to accept and adapt to this reality reflects on emotional well-being.

It is very easy to say, but this task is not always fulfilled.

in viruswith study Karmic Chart Natalit is possible to see how much adaptability one can have in periods of as many changes as we are currently experiencing.

in variable tags Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are the main indicators of resilience.

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Today in Good Karma, with our eyes on the sky and our feet on the earth, we will talk about the planet Neptune, ruler of Pisces in transit through the aforementioned sign, what should be taken from it to improve the quality of life.

Neptune’s intuition

Seeing astrology in its basic face, Mercury Judged tangible mind That allows calculations and analysis of positions distinguish the project.

Jupiter Judged abstract mind Which gives the talent of imagination.

Neptunealthough it does not govern the mental structure, it is from It relates to different microcosms.

A person with this harmonic planet can develop intuition during this life, easily notice things and can anticipate events before they happen.

From a deeper analysis of astrology, one can speak of telepathy also clairvoyanceAnd, going back to the basics of Neptune, its energy can be used to find ideas that solve real-world problems that come to anyone.

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It also helps to understand the causes of various problems, and by knowing them, blame is left behind and the focus is placed on solutions, all of which have a positive impact on emotional well-being.

On the contrary, when this Planet weak in natal chartThe Doubt It can control a person.

Adapt to the new time. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Neptune in retrograde

From this week until December 3rd, Neptune begins to recede In the third ten of Pisces.

All translations of the planets in the solar system go in the same clockwise direction.

The retrograde of a planet is a symbolic expression that indicates that if we see the aforementioned planet from Earth, its position in the zodiac is regressing with time, and this natural phenomenon is caused by differences in speed.

In karmic astrology, this occurrence is seen as a blockage of the energies of the planet, in this case due to poor intuition, Imagination can gain strength in character.

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You should be attentive to mirages, you may not perceive reality or the opposite situation, such as assuming things happen that are not.

For example, in a married couple, it is possible not to perceive infidelity, or to believe that infidelity does not exist.

This happens in the third decan of Pisces, which is a water sign, associated with emotions, so past wounds can surface.

People with non-harmonious Neptune or Pisces indices are most affected by such a setback.

Keeping an open mind, not blaming others, not being closed off, and listening clearly to other viewpoints are simple devices that can be put into practice to make the most of Neptune’s energies.

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karmic telescope

Next we will analyze the main aspects of Neptune at the beginning of its retrograde cycle.

  • Neptune Train Sun: This appearance occurs in mid-July. Here, despite the setback, the harmony of the Sun can tip the balance toward mental clarity and complacency.

The tendency is to be calm, and stress does not affect it as it does at other times and you are more
sensitive to others.

  • Neptune Square Mercury: This aspect occurs at the beginning of July and ends before the triangulation with the sun.

Here illusions can arise due to poor communication, it is not an auspicious time
To talk a lot, the clip is fast and deep conversations can be left
Another moment.

As a final thought, from the point of view of karmic philosophy, evolution also does not regress, there are moments when a person can stagnate, cling to the past and give the impression of turning back due to the progress of the rest. What you have learned is something that no one can take away from you.

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