What is the best time to sleep according to science?

The hustle and bustle of work activities, long study hours, and daily routine often make people mad Don’t rest This is really the organism need to Recovery And therefore be active, you determine the study of what is the best time to go to sleep.

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This is why science started a series of Various studies and analyses To know human behaviors when seeing how they respond Depending on the number of hours of sleep You have it, and they came to the conclusion that there is a recommended moment to close my eyes.

despite of Every organism is different And it does not react in the same way to similar processes. Specialists found some coincidences and determined that after the body reaches the so-called “low power”they should spend a little Seven hours of sleep.

They revealed the perfect time to rest.

It was also revealed in the sunthe doctor Andrew Hubermanof Stanford University, gave details of this and expressed the recommended outcome for the functioning of the organism: “Do you have an afternoon energy dip, mild or severe, at 2:30pm, 3:00pm? Write it down for a few days.”start.

“Assuming there are no major changes in sleep at night or that you eat a particularly large lunch, your ideal bedtime is likely to be six to seven hours after that slack.”close the specialist in his gallery.

In this way, it was explained that after putting forward hypotheses and conducting studies, the result that was put forward was that the recommended time for people to sleep is Between nine and ten or half past ten at nightin order to obtain a file Total comfort.

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