What is known about the iPhone 16, the Apple series that will change the camera design

First details of the iPhone 16.

Even without launching a program iPhone 15they are already talking about the new features of iPhone 16the phone expected to be officially launched before manzana In September of the year 2024.

According to information that has been leaked on various platforms, the iPhone 15 will be one of the mobile devices that have changed a lot in recent years. the Issuance Normal will come with the dynamic island leaving behind the famous fissure, and Models The Pro will be made of titanium and the A17 chip will be made in a 3nm process.

Although the novelties brought by the next model of manzanaback camera iPhone 16 It has sparked great speculation among the brand’s followers, since this new model will once again contain the vertical camera, similar to the one that iPhone 12.

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The information comes from a famous leaker known on Twitter as “unknownz21”who guarantees it manzana Test two different types with lenses located in a vertical line. This design first appeared with iPhone X It remained unchanged for three years, even iPhone 13 Its cameras are diagonally shaped due to its advanced dual camera system.

The first features of the iPhone 16.

It will ensure that the base form of iPhone 16 It will have a vertical chamber design, unlike iPhone 15 diagonally, which will allow you to immediately recognize the device as the latest model. It also ensures that this change is more interesting than the iPhone 16 Pro screen, as it is a design tweak against decimal points.

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Also, all versions of iPhone 16 They will inherit the design of the iPhone 15. It will have a titanium frame, plus it would have included buttons The iPhone 15 has canceled the touch screen and will retain the USB-C connector that was already coming in the previous generation; However, an iPhone without ports is not excluded.

Although this is some of the first information about what will be new designIt is important to demonstrate that the company has plenty of time to test different camera designs and configurations.

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New models from iPhone 15 It will be launched in September 2023. A few months ago, some details and characteristics Of these new devices, at least as far as they are concerned hardware And some additional specifications.

One of the characteristics that can be modified in new versions of the cell phone manufactured by Apple is the size a screen: will make adjustments – larger screen – model iPhone 15 Pro And maybe also on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Instead, there will be no changes to the regular models.

Another big change will be the implementation of a new type of camera. It is likely that they will be combined into a whole iPhone 15 And certainly in the more advanced versions. These models will include a new type of lens on their cameras, called a periscope.

the new ones iPhone 15 They will not have physical buttons, but will be offered haptic drivers that will reproduce slight vibrations when it is coiled user You want to press them and in this way the sensation from touch is repeated.

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iPhone 15 will have a new system for its cameras that will improve the user experience when using the zoom function. The new model of manzana He will introduce a “periscope camera”.

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Similarly, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will integrate the A16 Bionic chipset that was launched last year, while the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will integrate the new A17 Bionic chipset that will be introduced this year.

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