What is it and why is it deleted?

Thumbnails are automatically generated files in Android. Do you want to know what they are for and why they should be deleted? Keep reading and find out, you will be surprised!

If you are browsing files that are saved in the internal storage of your Android mobile device, I came across very small picturesLet us tell you that You found the famous thumbnailsfiles unknown to many that are in absolutely all Android phones.

Have you ever wondered what it is, why it is and whether it is possible to erase it? Well, for your luck, Here we explain everything you need to know about thumbnailsfiles that although they weigh very little, they take up space in the internal storage of your mobile phone.

What are thumbnails on Android and what is their purpose?

Thumbnails on Android What are they and why do you delete them

Thumbnails are small copies of images that you have saved on your mobile phone.

Minimized picture It is a copy of the photos you have saved on your mobile phone, although these copies are in miniature form. Specifically, without going any further, it’s over “Zafari” In English, it translates into Spanish as “miniature”.

The main purpose of this type of file is Provide a preview of the contentWhether it is a photo taken with your mobile camera, a photo downloaded from the Internet, or even a video. Because its size is very small, the preview of the mentioned item Reduces loading time when displayed on screen from the mobile device.

These thumbnails are used to show the user a preview of the image they have stored on their mobile device. I mean, They are the people you see when you open the gallery that are installed in the terminal.

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Why should you delete thumbnails on Android?

Why you should delete thumbnails on Android

The function of thumbnails is to display a small preview of the images that you have saved on your phone.

If you save a lot of files in the internal storage of your mobile device, and the capacity of your mobile device has reached the limit, You must delete all thumbnailsas this may free up more than 500MB of space.

Basically, thumbnails should be deleted to save space, because although these types of files have a specific function, Removing it will not be any inconvenience.

How to delete thumbnails on Android?

Before we show you step by step what you need to do to remove all thumbnails on Android phone, we recommend Use the Google Files app. It will not only allow you to delete these files, but also free up space (it has many functions).

How to remove thumbnails on Android

Deleting thumbnails does not represent any risk.

  • Open the Google Files app from your Android mobile device.
  • Go to the internal storage or SD card (Thumbnails can be stored in both sections).
  • Access the folder named “DCIM”.
  • Click on the three vertical dots located to the right of the folder Minimized picture. From the list that will be displayed on the screen of your device, you will be able to delete all thumbnails stored in the storage.

Last but not least, If you can’t see the folder where the thumbnails are saved, may be hidden. With Files Google, you can Show hidden files android. There are times when this folder is hidden automatically (depending on the mobile device you have).

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