What is it and why has it become a rage among users?

Like many apps, the instant messaging app has two versions. I know what’s going on around them.

application for Messaging service glimpseAnd The WhatsAppIt offers its users two types of applications: creative and fig Plus. However, few know the difference between one and the other, and which one to use.

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The WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Original vs Plus: What’s the difference?

These are the main differences between the original WhatsApp and Plus:

  • changes Colorsthemes, even wallpaper.
  • He doesn’t have a copy web.
  • he user Decide who to receive calls and who not.
  • The application is independent of Facebook.
  • keeps a lot of interface user.
  • can be avoided “writing…” So you never know when the message is sent.

whatsapp plus. jpg

Whatsapp plus.

original WhatsApp vs. Plus: which is better?

The main danger of using The WhatsApp PlusIs that exactly if detected by The WhatsAppCan Suffering from account suspensionAs the company itself reveals on its website: “Unsupported apps, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or those that claim to be able to transfer your WhatsApp chats from one phone to another, are modified versions of WhatsApp. These unofficial apps are developed by third parties and violates our Terms of Service. WhatsApp does not endorse the use of these third party apps because we cannot validate their security practices.”

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