What is it and what is its purpose?


WhatsApp “Do Not Disturb Mode”

Although this situation is in development, according to WABetaInfo, The site specialized in the messaging service, the function has already been launched in the beta version of The WhatsApp for iOS A few months ago.

Now it remains to finish the work to update the beta version of Android is still in preparation and will take a few more weeks.

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Once the update is integrated into the instant messaging service, a new label will appear on the Calls tab every time a call is missed while the device is set to method do not disturb.

In this way, every user will always be able to know when a call is lost because this new tool will display it.

What are the risks you are exposed to when using WhatsApp Plus?

Many users of this mutation have reported that To use these systems, your WhatsApp account has been suspended. Although there is a file how to recover itIt is best to avoid getting to this point.

This type of application They are easier to hack Thus, the hacker will be able to enter personal information, which is not the case with the official version, which has end-to-end encryption.


It should be noted that these versions are not available in the official default stores, but must be downloaded using the APK file.

Thus, these mutations do not go through their own filters Make sure it doesn’t contain viruses or malwaresomething that could completely affect the device.

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