What is it and how to get residency in the United States? Millennium Group

Obtaining a visa is one of the most important documents that a person must obtain can live in United State Although obtaining it may seem complicated, you should know that workers are the right people to obtain it.

Remember that in order for a person to live in a normal way In the United States, it is necessary to have a green card Or obtain citizenship and begin the necessary procedures.

To obtain one of these visas, you must fill out an application The models referred to thus verify that they additionally work You can live without time limit in United State.

What is the EB-3 visa?

It is an employment-based immigrant visa that relates to the availability of what the employer offers In addition, he himself initiates the process of obtaining this type of visa.

With this visa you can live there United State With your wife as wellOr your children, as long as they are single and under 21 years old.

This process can be initiated outside the United States or within the country, however, the only requirement that exists is that the interested party has never had oneOr disrespected by society or have been deported at some point in their lives.

Who can apply for this visa?

  • TSpecialized workers: Those whose job requires at least two years of training or experience Work, not of a temporary or emergency nature.
  • Professionals: Those whose job requires at least a bachelor’s degree from the United States or its overseas equivalent and who are professionals.
  • Other types of workers: Intended for people performing non-specialized work that requires less than two years of training or experience, and is not temporary or temporary in nature.
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Remember that for the most part, people who qualify for this visa, They will be able to complete the process as long as their employers have them The procedure can be performed.

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