What is it and how to access it

what is he talking about?

has a purpose Achieve a “shortcut” to make the choice you want faster and easier. It is neatly hidden in the WhatsApp icon, so you have to follow certain steps to find it.

Step by step to use the secret menu in WhatsApp

  • Long press on the icon The WhatsApp for a few seconds.
  • A list of various tools and options for quickly selecting a job will appear.
  • the WhatsApp “Secret Menu” It is available on mobile OS Android as well as in Iphonealthough each one has different options.
  • The options that appear on the mobile phone Android to use “WhatsApp Secret List”: “Direct access to the camera.”
  • The options that appear on the mobile phone Iphone to use the “WhatsApp Secret List”: ‘Search’, ‘New chat’, ‘Camera’, ‘My QR code’, ‘Edit home screen’, ‘Share app’, ‘Delete app’.

The fact is that to use this new mode of “WhatsApp Secret List” it is necessary to update the latest version of the application. Otherwise, the cell phone will not allow to carry out the required functions.


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