What is it and how is it activated?

The most used instant messaging app in the world It continues to add various functions to improve the user experience. After the latest news that came out in these weeks, now WhatsApp The official made a new change.

What is it and how is it activated?

Among the most notable developments are those related to privacy, which is one of the focal points of Meta, the company that owns the app. It’s after several months of testing Android and iOS, and having taken advantage of Apple’s operating system, the company will now allow the profile picture to be hidden for some users.

After announcing the implementation of new privacy control options to provide greater online privacy protection, From now on, all WhatsApp users will have the ability to select whether contacts will be given access to their photos or prefer to make exceptions.

How to hide contact time, profile picture and statuses for specific contacts

This can be accomplished in five steps:

1- Touch the three dots in the upper right corner of the WhatsApp home screen and go to Settings > Account > Privacy.

2- Select any option, in this case last time, and find my contacts, except…, select it and the full list of WhatsApp contacts will open.

3- Choose who you want not to see the time of the last connection, and finally accept the changes.

4- Back on the main screen, you will see that the number of now excluded contacts is selected.

5- This can be repeated to hide the profile picture, information and status of specific contacts.

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