What is “incognito mode” in WhatsApp and how to activate it

Express mail service The WhatsApp It is the most popular in the world, and those who want to keep their privacy as much as possible can Learn how to activate Incognito Mode. from this application.

There are many choices you can make being in The WhatsApp More go unnoticedAll of which are mentioned in itemPrivacy”which is accessed from the three vertical dots that appear in the upper right corner of the screen, and then by touching the option “settings”.

All WhatsApp ‘Incognito mode’ options can be selected from the settings settings which are the three vertical dots that appear in the upper right corner

within a section Privacy There are different aspects it can be Personalize To take the utmost care of the show, as well Deactivate the time of last connection and/or the notification that you are online. These two points can be modified separately so that they are visible to everyone, no one, or only scheduled contacts. It’s important to know that those who turn off these options for themselves can’t access that information in other contacts, so they won’t be able to see if the person they’re talking to is recently online or online.

This first example also allows you to filter out those who see a personal picturethe Information placed by the user in his account and state of the same. Like other options, the company’s application Goal It allows you to choose whether you want these points to remain available to everyone, only to scheduled contacts, or to no one.

The “Privacy” item has all the functions of “Incognito mode”

Likewise, recently The WhatsApp Another option of this kind is enabled in the section Privacy: the temporary messagesa variant that – as its name suggests – allows sending texts, photos, or videos that delete themselves after a set period of 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days, which helps prevent them from being captured on the screen or forwarded.

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the temporary messages Available to everyone conversation A specific user can maintain it. To apply this functionality to a specific person or group, you must follow these steps:

There is a section for selecting temporary messages under the “Privacy” item.

Alternatively, to make this apply to all new chats, there is another way:

You have to remember that file temporary messages Take effect when a file is selected optionso previous conversations will not be affected by this condition unless it is user Make it explicit

Within the same section of the section “Privacy” This option can be deactivated, and the same thing happens when you click on the specific user with whom messages expire after a certain period of time.


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