What is an eTA and what do you need?

you’re thinking about it Travel to Canada? Then you can’t forget to apply ETA CanadaLook at the weather, decide what is the best time of the year to visit this wonderful country… and much more!

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. In Women’s Diary, we will introduce you to some of them very useful tips If you are going to visit this wonderful country in North America that offers stunning natural scenery. Read on!

When making any trip, you should know a series of recommendations, since traveling to one country and not to another is not the same. Wherever you are, you must fill in your earlier days of time to inform yourself of absolutely everything in case you decide to travel to it Canada: What do you need to travel to this country, what places are you going to, what is the weather like … Here are some very basic tips:

+ Plan your trip well: Before traveling to Canada (or anywhere in the world), pay attention to this country, in the areas where you want to go (going north is not the same as going south), in the means of transport that you can travel from one city to another …

+ look at the weather: As you know, Canada is a rather cold country, in the winter extreme temperatures can be reached, and in the summer the temperatures are very high. You can travel any time of the year since then A country that offers many possibilities To your taste: see the northern lights (better in September or June), ski, visit beautiful places …

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+ Pack your bag according to the weather: As we said, you should pay attention to the weather you will be having according to the time of year you are traveling. Remember to wear very warm clothes if you are traveling in the winter.

+ Canada’s currency is Canadian dollarso you will have to exchange your usual currency at any bank, airport or exchange office.

+ Book your stay in time To prevent prices from getting too high, as there are certain times of the year when tourism is very high.

+ Apply for your eTA Canada: In the next point we will explain how to order it and what it is, but keep in mind that it is necessary to be able to fly to this country. Also remember to always carry it with you your passport.

When traveling to this cold country by plane, you urgently need the so-called eTA (Electronic Travel Permit, i.e. Electronic Travel Permit). It is a 5-year permit granted by the Canadian government so that you can have the opportunity to go on vacation to that country, take a business trip, stop in Canada to go to another country, or even be able to visit a single loved one.

It is not necessary to apply for an eTA Canada if you currently live in this country. It is also not necessary for those with a US passport. In this sense, eTA Canada allows you to stay in the country Six months maximum.

for Apply for an eTA Canada Simply fill out a form, pay the costs (€19.95 per person) and wait for it to be awarded. The waiting period usually does not exceed 72 hours, although there are exceptions. If it’s an urgent request, for example, it can be granted in less than twenty minutes. Remember that you will need to fill out this form All your data at handSo it’s easy for you to order.

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Do you dare to travel to Canada? Always keep in mind that for any kind of excursion to this country, you will need to order ETA Canada.

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