What happens on Saturday May 15th if you do not accept their policies

Will WhatsApp still be free?

Yes, WhatsApp will still be free because the company claims it will continue to charge companies, not users.

“Millions of people choose to communicate via WhatsApp with companies every day because it is easier than calling them by phone or exchanging messages via e-mail; we charge companies (not users) to use WhatsApp to provide this customer service,” the company said.

What happened to WhatsApp and its terms and conditions?

As of May 15, those who do not accept the new WhatsApp terms and conditions They will not be able to access your chat list when the service is opened.

“But you can answer calls and video calls. If notifications are activated, you can touch them to read or answer messages, and also to return to missed calls or video calls,” according to a statement from the instant messaging application.

These users will be able to interact with their contacts through the onscreen notifications.

Restrictions will not occur to all users at the same time.

WhatsApp warnings

The instant messaging app will start notifying its users to review and accept the new terms.

“After a while, we will start reminding users to review and accept these updates to continue using WhatsApp,” the company says.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy: Facebook’s role

Facebook and WhatsApp will share user data, although it is in the business version, intended for companies.

What WhatsApp data is shared by Facebook

  • Telephone number.
  • Transactions have been executed.
  • User mobile phone.
  • IP address.

More downloads from cable

After the announcement, there was an increase in downloads from other apps Applications Messages:

  • Telegram added 25 million users in just 72 hours, founder Pável Dúrov confirmed.
  • Signal recorded more than 7.5 million downloads, while WhatsApp downloads decreased by about 11% during the first week of January (compared to the previous week), according to the Sensor Tower report.
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