What features does it offer and in which iPhone models can it be downloaded

After its presentation last June, during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC21), An apple On Monday, it launched the new versions of its operating system: iOS 15, iPadOS, and WatchOS 8‌. The new program stands out to renew many features in a certain number of IphoneTablets IPAD And the Apple Watch smart watch.

iOS 15, although it seems like a simple renovation, it offers better updates that indicate System-specific applications. There are also new interface-level features and many new modes.

Those who decide to upgrade their devices will be able to do so Install Safari Extensions On the iPhone, as it works on Mac computers, for example.

They arrived too Facetime improvements– Now we can create call links, control noise cancellation from iPhone (without headphones) and blur the background of video calls.

The new mode of focus for Create multiple usage profiles So that, depending on the region or time the user is in, he receives (or stops receiving) notifications of what we want. This implementation is geared toward productivity, they cautioned.

iOS 15 introduces tweaks to many iPhone features.

by job SharePlay They will be able to share music with other users, in real time, with Apple Music or Apple TV programs, and synchronize the contents we see with those of the other user.

The room will be activated Recognize text on the cameraSimilar to Google Lens, but automatic. The camera recognizes the text and translates it instantly.

The 3D Map Apple Maps reaches a certain number of countries, among which Argentina does not appear. They provide more information and we finally have a live view, similar to Street View in Google Maps.

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The weather apps Completely redesigned, now new information appears and animations are renewed.

The artificial intelligence Siri It is now able to announce notifications on AirPods and compatible devices. Plus, Siri now works both locally and offline, so it’s much faster.

Spotlight: You can now search for content within images. For example, it will recognize places, text, people, and all the elements within images to display in Spotlight.

Better search: You can now search your iPhone even if it is turned off. The mobile phone retains enough power to locate it.

How to update to iOS 15

If you get a message that an update is available, Apple recommends pressing “Install” to update now. Or you can click “Later” and choose “Install tonight” or “Remind me later”.

If you choose “Install tonight”, you will only have to plug the device into a power outlet at night. The device will automatically update overnight.

Update iPhones automatically.

Update iPhones automatically.

You can also try the following steps: Plug the device into a power outlet and connect it to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Then you have to go to Settings > General and then tap on Software Update.

If the option to download and install appears, all you have to do is tap to download the update, enter the code and tap Install Now.

Enable automatic updates on iPhone.

Enable automatic updates on iPhone.

The device can Update automatically Overnight while charging, if the function is enabled on the device. For that, you will have to enter the Automatic Updates section: Settings> General> Software Update. Then tap on Automatic Updates and then turn on Download iOS Updates.

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The device will automatically update to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS. Some updates may have to be installed manually.

It must be remembered that when updating your iPhone or iPad, it will be necessary that the battery is above 50% and it is highly recommended that you have a backup, using iCloud or on your Mac, through the Finder.

What model is compatible with iOS 15

regarding Software compatibility with Apple devices, iOS 15‌ is compatible with the same iPhones as iOS 13 and iOS 14, including older devices like the original iPhone SE and iPhone 6s. IOS 15 compatible devices are listed below.

Next to New Apple SmartphonesThe new operating system is now available on iPhone 12 and 12 mini; iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max; ‌iPhone SE‌ (2020); iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max; ‌ iPhone‌ XS, XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone‌ X; ‌ iPhone‌ 8 and 8 Plus; ‌ iPhone‌ 7 and 7 Plus; ‌ iPhone‌ 6s and 6s Plus; ‌iPhone SE‌ (2016); iPod touch (7th generation).

Software version for iPad tablets

Software version for iPad tablets

Meanwhile, the iPadOS 15‌ version for tablets is compatible with all the same devices that are now running the previous versions iPadOS 13 and iPadOS 14. All iPad Pro and iPad models (5th generation and later); iPad mini (4th generation onwards); iPad Air (3rd generation and later) and iPad Air‌ 2. ‌

For its part, the revamped WatchOS 8 software version can be installed on Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, and Series 6 models, as well as Apple Watch SE. Not compatible with the original first generation Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 1, or Apple Watch Series 2.

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