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According to the report of the US intelligence services that It sparked a new conflict with the Kremlin He accuses Russia and Iran of trying to interfere in the presidential elections in November 2020. It also reveals that Cuba, Venezuela and the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah militia sought to influence the operation, although its influence was more limited. According to the document, Russia tried to “discredit” the candidacy of Joe Biden and the Democrats and supported Donald Trump.

In the 15-page report, all US intelligence agencies, including the CIA and the National Security Agency (NSA), concluded that Vladimir Putin intervened in favor of former President TrumpWho failed to be re-elected. Specifically, the intelligence agencies claim this The Russian president “authorized” a wide range of operations to “Undermines confidence in the electoral process.” And deepening divisions in America.

In another similar report published four years ago, domestic intelligence agencies warned that Putin influenced the November 2016 election because he had a “clear” preference for Trump, who was elected over Democrat Hillary Clinton. But this time Putin would not have ordered cyber attacks and his “main tool” was to use groups linked to Russia to create a “chain of narratives.” Which included false allegations about Biden.

In the case of Iran, the report highlights the existence of a “covert influence campaign on multiple fronts” By the Islamic Republic to undermine support for Trump. CIA also points to this Hizbullah, Cuba and Venezuela “took some steps to influence the elections,” but they were “smaller” than the attempts of Russia and Iran.

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