What does Marcos Galperin and Martín Meguía require to turn Uruguay into an innovation pole?

For his part, Migoya addressed the issue during his speech at the Business Forum in the Arab Republic of Egypt Uruguay Chamber of Information Technology (CUTI), when asked about the key to expanding the company’s scale. In this sense, the founder of Globant indicated that one of the most important points is the sale of products outside Uruguay, but for this it is necessary to request more direct flights to the United States.

Contact in uruguay in free fall

Direct flight between Montevideo and Miami responsible for the company American Airlines It is only available between October and March – which coincides with the summer season in Uruguay – and with a frequency of three times a week, which is a far cry from meeting the demands of Argentine businessmen based in the country and Uruguayan businessmen for whom the issue is a concern.

Although direct service is expected daily between mid-December and early January, when it is not available, travelers must choose different connections. One of the most common is through Panamathrough the airline Glass.

Today, Uruguay just has it 70% of the weekly frequencies that worked before the pandemic, according to the Minister of Tourism, Tabare Vieira. This represents 122 frequencies spread across 11 destinations.

They indicated from the government that, in most cases, it is the airlines that make the decisions in the face of the difficulties of returning. profitable It operates to and from Uruguay, which has a direct impact on High ticket prices. And although they are working on the matter, the authorities acknowledge that the improvement of connectivity in the country is still pending.

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