What does it mean, what is its source, and why is it the beginning of Holy Week?

This date celebrates one of the most important moments in Jesus’ life.

With a new arrival Easter HolidayThousands of believers gather around the world to commemorate the last days of life Jesus Christ.

The first significant day of these dates will be next Sunday, April 2, when it is Palm Sunday. At that day lentwhich started on Ash Wednesday in February.

The origin of Palm Sunday

This date commemorates the beginning of the last week of Jesus’ life when he was He triumphantly enters the city of Jerusalem. As described in the Gospels, a large crowd cheered Christ as he entered, riding on a donkey, and greeted him as the Messiah. The messiah.

A representation of the arrival of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

The name comes from the way the inhabitants of the place kissed Jesus. Many applauded when he entered with Palm frondswhich is a plant, in Jewish beliefs, was Symbol of wealth and fertility.

This gesture has been modified over the years, as the religion has spread throughout the West. As in some countries this plant did not exist, has been replaced by others of local origin, eg yew;willow and olive The latter is considered a sign of peace. Because of the large number of plants that were used for this purpose, it was called Palm Sunday, to make it more general.

Rituals with bouquets

Today it is a tradition Bring to the block On Palm Sunday, a bouquet of one of these plants listed above. Usually the priest blesses them, and then they They are placed next to crucifixes or crucifixes At home all Easter.

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Once finished, they are cremated for later use of their ashes during the funeral Ash Wednesday the following year; Likewise, this ritual is not very popular in some countries.

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