What does “day out of time” mean in the Mayan calendar

Since the Mayan concept, the July 24, 2021 year ends Blue Lunar Storm And on July 26, the new cycle begins, under the seal yellow electric seeds. and 25? is the invitation “time out”A special moment of deep reflection and reassessment of life and connection to nature.

The Maya, one of the most important indigenous Mesoamerican people who lived three thousand years ago, were great astronomers. The understanding they have about it stars Continue to surprise scientists. This wise culture made a time measurement Based on simultaneous complex mathematical calculations Biological, Cultural and Galactic Cycles.

According to the book “Dreamspell” (Lloydine / Argüelles), those 260 days were adapted to our current calendar “lunarly”, that is, based on thirteen annual moons which is completed with Today’s “Out of Time”.

The 260 days of the Mayan calendar were adapted to ours based on the thirteen annual moons, complete with one day of time. Photo: shutterstock

According to this calendar, galactic years begin on July 26 and end on July 24. and 25? It is known as “the day of time”, a special day From deep contemplation and reassessment of life and connection with nature.

Jaime San Martin (jaimesmb) is a facilitator of the Mayan and Shamanic calendar, this Sunday it will provideوفر Gorglina Frangella A party to celebrate the day via Instagram.

“The overflow day – he says – is a key date in the Mayan calendar, which serves as detailed Between a year and the next: is not part of any of the “months” (here they are called “moons”) nor is it any of the “days of the week”, but rather separate.

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“It allows us to A break from year to year, a bit like January 1st, which is a holiday in our country. But the stakes are greater, and instead of being like a day of rest, what the Mayan calendar suggests is that you take that day to live through art.”

“In my experience, every day out of time is an invitation to reopen that source of creativity and energy, that “The Moment Before the Big Bang” of life, which gives us the motivation to create new things, take on projects, revitalize what we have been doing and reconnect with who we truly are.”

How do you advise us to celebrate this day? “Meeting like-minded people and making art together. It can be drawing or singing, and that makes us feel good and we would like to spend our whole lives doing that: that, what you thought when you read these words, is that.”

The tzolkin Mayan calendar is a complex system of time measurement.

The tzolkin Mayan calendar is a complex system of time measurement.

Mayan Tzolkin Wisdom

the Tsulkin, the most commonly used, consists of 20 stamps or “kines”, which change from day to day and receive an active background “tone” called wavespell.

all a relative (link, seed, dog, hand, etc.) It is represented by a “glyph”, an iconic image. Es común que cuando vamos a visitar las ruinas de Chichén Itzá, uno de los principales sitios arqueológicos de la península mexicana de Yucatán, los “descendientes mayas” nos ofrezcan colgantes con nuestro kin de nacim bre sepued, c Internet consulting Subject.

What to do during the day outside Mayan timeتوقيت

– we can To view What we want to make for the new year, reflect on what we tested and choose what we want to release.

– We can too Connection with natureEarth, we try to eat healthy. We can go for a walk and sit somewhere under a tree to recharge and empty ourselves of the “year before”.

– we can We meet With those who want to celebrate this moment to reflect on the energy of this new year that begins.

– We can too make art (Singing, dancing, drawing, composing).

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