What does Carlos Slim Dumit think of promoting Mexico?

April 3, 2023 | 9:25 a.m

he Rounding is the direction that Mexico It can give significant economic growth because this method of bringing production closer to the consumption area will give the country a boost, many experts point out, and even the son of Mexico’s richest man, Carlos Slim Dumit, has spoken about it.

he Rounding This can be explained thanks to the fact that being neighbors with United StateMexico is the closest territory to the country of consumption and investments comp It will explode in the area you want Implement.

However, Mexican businessmen see a huge opportunity in this direction, and this is the case Carlos Slim Dumit Who sees in Rounding An opportunity for Mexico in its economic and social development.

Businessman and Chairman of the Board of Directors of a company America Movil and Grupo CarsoHe said that this Mexican moment must also be accompanied by technological development.

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But what benefit does rounding bring?

he Rounding He has a view that factories should be moved from the country of origin to a nearby country where everything is cheaper, i.e. they have reasonable wages for the workers, electricity and fuel, Cheaper inputs and even lower tax potential.

In addition, the Rounding In Mexico, there is a benefit that by sharing time zones, US companies can coordinate their operations in both regions.

There are conditions for entry RoundingHe said in an interview that the relationship that relates to performance and development is currently taking place in our country The CEO, Sergio Contreras, is Vice President of the Mexican Business Council on Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (COMCI).

he Rounding It would allow many companies to “do things cheaper in Mexico than in China”, because operating costs are about United State They fall short, Carlos Capistran, chief economist for Mexico and Canada at Bank of America Securities (BofA Securities), said in an interview.

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Carlos Slim Dumit sees in technology, the growth of Mexico

under this argument, Carlos Slim Dumit He emphasized that technology will be the key to economic development and those who do not have access to it directionThey will not grow at the same rate.

“Today connectivity and technology are key to accelerating the growth of the tourism sector, in three years, data traffic has increased by up to 80 percent, which means that users are increasingly carrying out more digital operations,” revealed Slim Domit.

Carlos Slim Dumit

Photo: Instagram Carlos Slim Domit

Although in general the entire Mexican economy would benefit from RoundingExperts estimate that the specialization of certain countries in certain industries will lead them to obtain greater benefits from this trend.

While the state entities that can become the main leaders of Rounding They are: Nuevo Leon, Jalisco, Queretaro, Baja California, Tijuana and Guanajuato.

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