What does a real estate attorney do in Canada?

Few know that when buying or selling a home in Canada, one of the key players will be the real estate attorney.

Which is why in this article we are going to talk about what real estate lawyers do in Canada and why it is so important to have this service in your native language.

I will tell you more about my experience as a real estate attorney in Ontario and my firm, Bayfront Law.

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Solicitors have the best part of the process when buying a home

What I’m going to tell you certainly won’t please my friends in the mortgage or real estate agent.

The truth is that it is the real estate attorney in Canada who has the best part of the process while buying or selling a home in Canada.

The reason for this is that the lawyer is the one who completed the transaction. yes! The person who puts an end to that great dream of owning a property.

The attorney executes the sale contract, records the transfer in the government register, and records the mortgage as well.

He also investigates the legal status of the property and even is the person who performs the transaction on your behalf in the last days.

A lawyer, in short, is someone who gives you the certainty you need that the transaction you are making is in compliance with the law and in proper standing.

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Why have a lawyer in Spanish in Canada?

It is essential that you understand the entire process of buying or selling a home in your language, and that you feel confident asking your questions or expressing your concerns.

In this sense, you must know, for example, the liabilities you take on when buying or selling a property. From closing costs, monthly payments, etc.

The lawyer will also help you understand what kind of insurance you need, or if there is a problem and he considers the transaction to be incorrect, he will have to explain it to you in detail.

Who chooses a real estate lawyer in Canada?

It can be chosen by the client or be a recommendation from the mortgage agent or real estate agent. Of course, in the end the customer has the last word.

It is important to know that we always work as a team, and we must be perfectly coordinated.

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