What does a minute online mean?

From Amazon a Zoom pass Youtube s tiktoot, is the amount of digital activity that occurs in sixty seconds per Internet and the amount data Affiliates who are born users It’s massive, according to the latest annual investigation by US company Domo software On the clouds (PC software hosted on Internet).

This study is called “Data Never Sleeps 9.0” or DNS 9.0 (Los data They Never Sleep 9.0) and presented as a graph, illustrating how the global pandemic has further digitized everyday life, according to this technology company (www.domo.com), based in American Fork (Utah, United States of America).

DNS infographic is an annual file overview Behavior Online consumers and how we use, create and display data Every minute across high-traffic platforms and apps, from Instagram to Instacart, and from Youtube To Netflix, they point from Domo.

“It’s a look at sheer size, speed and variety data born and distributed in InternetEmphasizing the authors of the ninth consecutive DNS infographic launched each year since the series began in 2013, which has become a reference for the business world in clouds.

DOMO reveals what happens in a minute online. (Kevin Coe / Unsplash)

Unstoppable digitization

“At the heart of the global digital activism are everyday services and applications that have become an essential component of our lives,” says Visual Capitalist, a digital visualization specialist, highlighting some of the key figures of what is happening in Internet For every minute of 2021:

– Client Amazon They spend $283,000.

– 12 million iMessages (Apple instant messages) were sent.

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6 million people make online purchases.

— the users Instacart (grocery pickup and delivery service in format United States of America and Canada) $67,000.

— the users Slack (team communication tool) sends 148,000 messages.

– Microsoft Teams (the unified platform for communication and collaboration) connects 100,000 users.

— the users From Youtube They watch 694,000 hours of videos.

Facebook Live receives 44 million visits.

— the users Instagram users share 65,000 photos.

— the users Tik Tok watched 167 million videos.

According to Visual Capitalist, “These facts show the huge impact that big tech companies or ‘Big Techs’ have on our lives, and that this influence is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.”

Regarding the rise of e-commerce, “it is here to stay, and it will not end when the epidemic is over,” asserts Effie Ignacio Manrique de Lara Fernandez, Marketing Director of BeeDIGITAL (www.beedigital.es), a digitization company for small and medium-sized businesses and self-employed professionals.

“the reasons Internet It is already the king of several trade: convenience, the best prices or discounts and the advantage of being able to buy from home are the most important. in times of pandemic, Internet It was the solution to keep the trade active,” Manrique de Lara highlights.

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The actions that can be done on the Internet in one minute are amazing. (a personality)

sailing in the ocean data

For their part, the report’s authors highlight that 2020 has changed everything, from how we interact with each other, with brands and the digital world, and that the pandemic has changed the way we eat, work and entertain, and has contributed to the strength of the upward trend in using Internet.

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“From January to July 2021, in just six months, the number of people who managed to reach Internet It increased 10%, to 5.17 billion people – the equivalent of 65% of the world’s population – who could “log on” to the Internet, according to Domo’s calculations.

It also highlights that 92.6% of users They access the Internet through their mobile devices.

world population of Internet‘, from 3400 million users in 2016 and 4300 million in 2018, to 4500 million users in 2020 and 5.2 billion in 2021, according to Domo.

” the data They never sleep, nor do they show any signs of slowing down,” according to this company, which highlights some of the major digital trends underway, in an “increasingly driven world.” data“.

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E-commerce is here to stay. (a personality)

office (at home)

For many employees, remote work will become the norm rather than the exception.

As a result, office collaboration tools are more essential than ever, with Zoom Hosting 856 minutes of webinars or “webinars” every minute and 100,694 people connected in the same period with Microsoft Teams, up 93% from 2020.

From the big screen to the small screen

Streaming services have become the kings of audiovisual content. In the first half of 2021, 117 million Netflix subscribers watched 140 million hours of content per day, and in 2021, the average user spent an hour per day on streaming services, twice that weather compared to 2020.

in a YoutubeLive broadcasting increased in 2021 by 45% compared to 2020 and users They watched a total of 694,444 hours of video every minute.

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Be a virtual social

From virtual birthday parties to concerts ZoomSocial life takes place through screens. Nearly 240,000 photos are uploaded to Facebook every minute, up 63% from 2020, while users Favorite viral video platform TikTok has watched about 167 million clips.

default transactions

Online shopping continues to be the most preferred, with more than 6 million people shopping online at any minute of the day.

Shoppers spend $283,000 per minute on AmazonInstacart shoppers spend nearly $67,000. moreover, users From Venmo (a payment service through a “mobile app”) sent $304,414 per minute, in 2021, according to Domo Research.

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