What do dogs dream about? This says science

According to the researchers, Almost all animals have dreams. However, mammals show a greater number of signsEspecially pets such as dogs that tremble and wag their tails and growl while they sleep.

In the 1960s, scientists Michel Jouvet and JF Delorme found that Dogs do not exhibit temporary paralysis like humans do while sleepingThis makes their sleep stage more active than the REM stage that humans go through.

However, it wasn’t until years later Veterinarian and neurologist Adrian Morrison concluded that dogs move while they sleepbecause they follow the stimuli they encounter every day, such as running, the excitement of chasing a toy, and wag of their tails.

So what do dogs dream about while they sleep?

A study conducted in Massachusetts found that dogs have electrical brain activity very similar to that of humans.so they made electrical recordings of the hippocampus with certain patterns and also made some recordings during the night, when they were unconscious, and found that the recordings were repeated.

So, it was confirmed Dogs dream about the experiences that live in their daysTherefore, their breathing becomes irregular, and if they raise their eyelids, the eyeballs can be seen moving from side to side, like the stage of rapid eye movement in humans.

So If your dog is petting at night, it is likely that he is dreaming about his owners, chasing an animal, or playing As you would on a normal day.

Therefore, scientists have concluded that dogs have very similar dream experiences to humans.

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