What Disney and Pixar characters appear in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Gameloft hasn’t skimped on heroes or villains, leaving us with 15 great stories to enjoy.

One of the most important news of yesterday was the launch Disney Dreamlight Valley in the form of early access. Once we saw his trailer, we already knew what kind of characters would be waiting for us in this life simulation animal crossing Where can you do Various activities and multiple tasks One of your favorite heroes.

Much as expected Disney in the name of Pixar They won’t skimp on heroes or villains because they are among their ranks Successful epic and nostalgia It can evoke wonderful memories for many fans. In this way, we decided to make a file The characters waiting for us in this hairy Disney world.

the lion king

These characters come from the movie The Lion King, which we remember well because it gave us moments Great joy and deep sadness.

  • Simba
  • router
  • Bomba
  • Nala
  • scar

Disney Dreamlight Valley Picture

Mickey and friends

It’s hard to imagine a Disney video game without it Great Mickey Mouse In it and here you will find him with others Notable Persons With whom he has lived adventures for more than 80 years.

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Donald Duck
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • sucker
  • mini Mouse

the little Mermaid

More than 30 years later, Little Mermaid has been kept as the first day, and in the video game the opportunity was taken to leave us with this Very mysterious characters.


yes adventures From the original movie I was able to get into the video game just as hard, and we definitely have two of the best characters that are part of this simulation.

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SA . monsters

In Mike’s absence, Well, it’s a Giant Sulli Because it will accompany us on this deep journey. It won’t be as scary as you would like, but it is Nice to be around.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Picture

Ralph smashed it

If Ralph can make Hero and villain tooWe have a great character that we will definitely remember as much as we do in the movie.

Lilo and Stitch

Although Lilo is missing from the game, it seems so Stitch will give us a big fight With her entertaining tasks and her strange hyperactivity.


One of Disney’s most successful films could not be missing from this video game, and it does so with a Good set of characters.


one of the great princesses Disney had to be that, not less because she’s a woman strong and independent Which is still an example to this day.

Beauty and the beast

When love has no limits, beauty is limited to the eyes of those who look at you. Both Beauty and the Beast arrive to present to us The most beautiful love stories.

wall h

Just seeing a WALL-E picture is enough to I beat you innocence. However, it looks like the little robot will ask us for a lot of help simulating nostalgia.


The villain From the movie to this adventure that will surely take place with some his lies. Will we see Rapunzel soon?


Remy the rat lands in the game with ambition to introduce it to us and Show us the best tasting Disney world.

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Toy Story

Pixar’s best epic couldn’t be missing from this amazing cast of characters. Let’s hope to see a file Best friends at work He leads us on the most dangerous missions.

  • friendly
  • Jesse
  • Buzz Lightyear

Charming Merlin

The wizard’s favorite of many also arrives in this fantasy world where he definitely teaches us many bouts Let us use it to our advantage to stop the dangers that destroy the beauty of the valley.

A constantly evolving free game

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an extension Constantly evolving free video game Who wants to fall in love Worlds of fantasy and full of nostalgia. With a suggestion similar to animal crossing, this simulator will be updated periodically from Contents. For now, this is the long list of Disney Dreamlight Valley characters. Now it’s your turn to fulfill your desires: Which hero or villain would you like to join in the near future?

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