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July 9, 2021 8:31

The prestigious Harvard University offers free courses in some way Online Through HarvardX with access to certificates.

Harvard University offers “Free Online Courses” through its digital platform.

HarvardThe most prestigious university in the United States Advance series of Courses Online from different specialties. Harvard X It is the name of the service provided through the website www.edx.org.

they There are 67 subjects with students They can still sign up to take them online. You can get the certificate, but in order to do so, you must Pay between $25 and $200.

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In total, most of these courses are completed in 4 weeks, professors belong to university staff and are in English. Those who want to train will be able to choose between History, theology, art, architecture and programmingwith language JavaScript and Python For example.

Harvard University launched free and online courses: what they are and how to enroll
Harvard University courses can be accessed through www.edx.org/es/school/harvardx (Image: capture).

It also offers very diverse topics related to health, management, cuisine and Artificial intelligence (AI), which is thriving, among several others. On online-learning.harvard.edu You can also find the full catalog.

The EdX platform shows that you can attend the University’s “MOOC Courses” “Assistant – free – or choose to get a certified certificate, for very little money”. Once you click on the course of choice, from meteorology to past epidemicsYou will be able to access detailed information.

“Those who venture here to learn, research, teach, work and grow, join nearly four centuries of students and academics,” the Graduate House website reads. “In Search of Truth, Knowledge, and a Better World”, concludes his presentation.

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