What are the new symptoms of the Omicron variant that appears at night?

Ómicron, the new strain of the coronavirus, has once again put the world on alert against a seemingly eternal pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO), for its part, declared it “a kind of concern”.

However, something is known. And it is that the Micron has a characteristic that distinguishes it from other breeds: its carriers suffer from night sweats.

These symptoms occur when you sweat so much in bed that your pajamas and even your sheets are wet.

According to The Mirror, at a media meeting held by the South African Ministry of Health, Dr Unpin Pillai listed the symptoms shown by Omicron’s patients.

“An alarm sign can appear at night,” the professional said. “Patients sweat at night,” he detailed. In addition, he added, he also receives patients with the variant who have a dry cough, fever, fatigue and “a lot of body aches.”

In her talk, Pillay also suggested that vaccinated people tend to get the disease “much better.”

What are the first symptoms of Omicron?

Scientists argue that a common – and usually the first to appear – symptom reported by people with Omicron is a dry cough accompanied by a “sore throat.”

While coughing is the most common symptom and affects 89 percent of those infected.

The report lists coughing (89 percent), fatigue (65 percent), and a stuffy or runny nose (59 percent) as the three most common symptoms.

Added to them are shortness of breath (16 percent), diarrhea (11 percent) and loss of taste or smell (eight percent) all showing up at the bottom of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s list.

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