What are the keys from F1 to F12 on a computer?

If you’re on your computer now, look down at your keyboard for a moment. Note that in the top line there are 12 keys that can make your life easier, but it is possible that you have never used them or do not know their purpose.

They are the so-called “quick function keys”, namely From F1 to F12.

If you learn to use it properly, It can help you save time with just a few simple commands For the browser or in different applications, such as Microsoft Word, where there are many shortcuts.

Many users find that using an external keyboard with keyboard shortcuts for Word Helps them work more efficientlyMicrosoft explains.

“For users with motor or visual impairments, keyboard shortcuts can be easier to use than the touch screen and are an essential alternative to using a computer. the mouse‘,” the company adds on its blog.

Apple also specifies some “f” functions on its website. By default, the Apple operating system is associated with these keys “special jobs”which are indicated by the icons on them, such as adjusting the screen brightness or raising or lowering the volume.

But you can also use it for “Shortcuts”. To do this, you must hold down the function key (Fn) or the globe key while pressing the “efe” that you want to activate. It’s especially useful if you’re using Word on a Mac.

But What are these “shortcuts” and what actions do they enable? Here is a summary of some of them.

In Windows, open the Help menu. It also hides or displays the options menu in Excel, Word, and the Windows ribbon, if you press it at the same time with Control [Ctrl + F1].

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If you click F1 + Shiftyou will see the “Show formatting” task pane.

In the Apple F1 key with a small bulb icon, Reduce screen brightness. In Word – and pressing Fn, as we explained above – is used to undo the previous action.

Journalism Alt + Ctrl + F2 The document library will open immediately in Microsoft Office.

If you are in Word and try the shortcut Ctrl + F2you’ll see a print preview of the file you’re working on.

In Windows Explorer, it allows you to rename a folder or file.

And if you are using Excel and you press this key, you will be able to edit the active cell.

If you are using Apple, with F2 Increase screen brightness.

With F1 and F2, you can open menus, edit cells in Excel, and rename files, depending on which command you’re using.Getty Images

The F3 key is used to open a file search function In Windows Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

If you also press it at the same time with the Shift key, you will change the letter case in Word to uppercase or lowercase.

On a Mac, turn it on or off “mission control” – which provides an aerial view of all open windows.

And if you’re using Word on Mac, F3 is used to copy the selected content to the clipboard.

F4 allows you to place the cursor in the address bar of the browser.

And to close a window, use this shortcut: Alt + F4.

If you’re on Apple, with F4 you can turn Launchpad on and off – an easy way to find and open apps on your Mac.

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And using the shortcut in Word, you can paste the contents of the clipboard.

Do you want to refresh your web browser or the folder you opened? Try pressing F5.

If in addition to refreshing the browser you want to clear the cache (cached data), press Ctrl + F5.

If you use PowerPoint and want to get started with your presentation, it’s also your key.

In Microsoft Office, it is used to open Find and Replace.

On Apple, lower the light intensity for the keys. And the shortcut in Word allows you to display the Go To dialog.

do you know what "ef" Can you switch to full screen mode (or out of it)?
Do you know what kind of “efe” you can switch to full screen (or off)?Getty Images

In Windows, it is used to convert pages in a split screen in Word.

Next to control and transformation [Ctrl + Mayúsculas + F6] It allows you to easily switch between Word documents.

On a Mac, increase the brightness of the keys.

And its shortcut in Word when accessed from an Apple computer is to switch between the document, task pane, status bar, and menu bar—and it embeds the different parts into a split screen.

Need to check spelling and grammar in your Word document? If you are using Windows, try this shortcut: Alt + F7. If you’re on a Mac, just use the F7 key (next to Fn to activate the Shortcut).

And if you need a synonym and you are using a Windows PC, try Shift + F7 To access the thesaurus.

Apple users can also use this key to go back to the previous song in iTunes.

With F12, you can increase the volume of the speakers on your Mac, but if you press Fn (Function) at the same time, the shortcut assigned to this key will be executed.
With F12, you can increase the volume of the speakers on your Mac, but if you press Fn (Function) at the same time, the shortcut assigned to this key will be executed.Getty Images

If you are using Windows and you press F8, you are enabling Safe Mode.

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In Excel, turn on Extended Mode.

And on Apple, pause or pause songs in iTunes.

Also, with Word on Apple, F8 is used to enlarge the selection. For example, if you select a word, the size of the selection expands to a sentence.

This key allows you to send and receive email messages in some applications.

If you are using Windows, in Word and next to Control [Ctrl + F9] Used to enter empty fields. On Apple, update the selected fields.

Also, on Macs, it allows you to advance to the next song in your iTunes playlist.

F10 allows you to highlight active window elements. It is also used to switch to a different tab and use access keys or cursors in Windows.

next to the Shift key [Mayús + F10], opens the context menu in Windows, which is the menu that appears when you right-click on the desktop or on a file or folder. Same if you’re on Apple (but remember to press Fn at the same time).

Also used to maximize window in Word [Ctrl + F10]with a computer.

On a Mac, turn the sound on or off.

These 12 keys can save you a lot of time.
These 12 keys can save you a lot of time.Getty Images

Need to quickly enter and exit full screen mode on PC? Simply click F11.

If you also hold the Shift key and you are using Excel, you can activate a new spreadsheet automatically.

If you have Apple, use this key to decrease the volume. The shortcut in Word is to move to the next field.

To open the Save As function in Word, click F12.

You can also save the document directly, if you hold it next to Shift or open a document if you use it next to Control.

If you try all three keys at once [Ctrl + Mayúsculas + F12] The print job will open.

If you are using Apple, you can use F12 to increase the volume.

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