What are the conditions of wolves for Raul Jimenez to travel with the tricolor

Raul Jimenez scored again with the Wolves (Photo: David Klein-Reuters)

Raul Jimenez did not travel from the UK to focus on the Mexican national team because England’s Wolves made it clear. They will not loan their players to appointments during the history of FIFA In countries that are part of the Red List of Nations. List includes Mexico due to the increase in Covid-19 cases.

If the UK leaves any of these countries (which include Latin America, Africa and South Asia). Players (and visitors to the country) must undergo COVID-19 testing and isolation for at least 10 days, during which time they will be disabled to return to their teams in the British Isles. Regardless of whether they have covered their coronavirus vaccination scheme.

However, new dates loom, with Mexico facing Canada on October 7, Honduras on October 10, and El Salvador on the 13th, with two matches set to take place at the giant Santa Ursula statue.

However, the Wolverhampton team had already set a travel condition for Raul Jimenez commitments to the Mexican national team. The deal is that you can attend the first Two commitments from Mexico ( 7 and 10 October), while in the third match, the striker will have to return to England to meet the mandatory 10-day quarantine, and thus be able to return to the stadiums with Wolves on 23, when they visit Leeds United.

    Raul Jimenez could return to El Tri (Photo: MAURICE VAN STEEN/EFE/File)
Raul Jimenez could return to El Tri (Photo: MAURICE VAN STEEN/EFE/File)

It must be remembered that the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) asked FIFA and Concacaf for their cooperation so that the English Premier League could access the players.

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“Raul did not get on the plane, we have already asked for it from Wolves and the FA has refused. We are asking for the support of FIFA and Concacaf. There is a lot of confusion,” said Fifa president Jon de Luisa.

After being sidelined for just over 10 months, the return of Raul Jimenez has caused quite a stir. Last Sunday, the striker surprised the crowd once again when he faced the nets and scored a superb goal.

Although his return was already a fact, he still had to regain his scoring instinct, and without diminishing the intensity despite the pressure that began to build up in his environment, finally this Sunday 26th September record again, On the Wolves beat Southampton, Which puts an end to his most difficult stage as a professional footballer.

Gerardo will be able
Gerardo “Tata” Martino will be able to count on Raul Jimenez for two matches in FIFA history (Photo: José Méndez / EFE / File)

At the end of the match that the English team won, the Mexican striker made it clear that he was sure he would score: “I want to score in every game. I knew the goal would go down. I was fighting for it and working hard and the whole team deserved it.” Sky Sports.

Similarly, he showed that his development was favourable: “I felt amazing. Four of the five matches we played were very good, we have to keep going, and today we did a great job.”

With Sunday’s goal, Raul Jimenez reached 49 goals with Wolverhampton, which he scored in 116 games and five different competitions. In the English Premier League he has 35 goals.

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