What are the best exercises to relieve back pain, according to specialists?

Not only for physical pain but also to calm the mind and soothe symptoms of stress, more and more people are joining practices Yoga and Pilates. Now, what is best for back, shoulder and neck pain?

Specialists confirm that thanks to exercises such as yoga or Pilates, these exercises are increasing little by little and without causing injuries. Physical and mental well-being Improvements in people's quality of life are seen in the short, medium and long term.

The first difference between both practices is that one was born many years ago in India and the other is more recent, created by trainer Joseph-Hubert Pilates in the 20th century.

What are the differences between both specialties and which is better for the back?

Yoga emerged more than 4,000 years ago in India as a means of relaxation and meditation to find peace, and has evolved over time into different forms based on more dynamic actions – such as vinyasa yoga – or more static, such as hatha or yin yoga.

For its part, Pilates was born much less recently, around 1910, by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, a man who lived his childhood in very poor health and began studying different practices to create his own.

He combined some tips on trauma, yoga and gymnastics. Its goal was to rehabilitate and restore the ability to move efficiently.

What are the differences between both specialties and which is better for the back?

On the other hand, in the Pilates method, you work on a purely physical level, doing stretching exercises to strengthen and strengthen the body.

What is better for the back, yoga or Pilates? The Pilates method focuses on correcting posture, treating muscle ailments and physical injuries. He was born to someone with many health issues, so his focus is rehabilitation. Therefore, it can be more effective in treating some back pain.

However, there are some types of therapeutic yoga, such as restorative yoga or yin yoga, which… They have very restorative effects on both joints and fascia or muscle tension.

Yoga or Pilates: the main differences Yoga or Pilates: the main differences

When thinking about Weight lossOn the other hand, Pilates focuses more on physical and muscular work, it generates greater strength, accelerates metabolism and tones, thus burning more calories per day.

Therefore, among both specialties, it is more suitable for weight loss than Yogaalthough Bikram yoga or Vinyasa yoga speeds up the heart rate and does cardio work.

Without a doubt, when it comes to losing weight, any of the two chosen disciplines should be accompanied by cardio exercises such as swimming, continuous walking, running or cycling. And of course for a healthy and balanced diet.

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