What about the unemployment rate in Mexico?

In most OECD countries, unemployment fell last September, as seen in Austria, France, Greece and Lithuania.

The Unemployment rate in countries Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) It remained stable overall, though CanadaAnd the United State s Mexico Drop has been recorded.

This means that in 38 countries subordinate Organization for Economic Cooperation and Developmenta September 2022there was 33 million From unemployedwhich is a number less than 46 million 818 thousand who closed it 2020However, challenges persist in the region.

According to the agency, the rate of The unemployment of the countries it is made of The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development reduced it to 4.9% in September From 2022up slightly from 4.8% in July 2022which was the lowest point recorded since this series was implemented in 2001.

Young people are most affected

This ratio maintains the level The unemployment For men and women with 4.6% them and 5.1% For them, however, the greatest effects are recorded for young adults with more than 10%.

In addition to the fact that as of last September, in Canada stayed in 5.2%in United State in 3.5% and in Mexico 3.1%. In contrast, rose Korea And the Israelin the same month.

Evolution in the past two years

The above means that in United State From 12 million 948 unemployed From 2020 down to 8 million 623 thousand in 2021 Already September 2022 up to 5 million 753 thousand.

At the same time Canada in 2020 He had a million 897 mileshe is unemployedin 2021 dropped to a million 510 thousand Already last September it reached a million 72 thousand. in case if Mexico From 2 million 337 thousand in 2020, it increased to 2 million 32 thousand in 2021 and decreased in September 2022 To a million 845 thousand.

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