‘We’re so sorry,’ Platinum CEO apologizes after Babylon’s Fall fails and shuts down

It was clear that fall of Babylon It wouldn’t become a bestseller in the video game world, but its commercial performance was so disastrous We can’t help but be surprised by the game as a service Platinum games. accompanied its launch Too few playersand this number only decreases until it reaches Dramatic bottoms A few days after its release. Which eventually led to the announcement more than expected about him shutdown servers.

We are very sorry for any disappointment you may have caused to our fans.

It’s been several weeks since Platinum made this difficult decision, and now is the time Atsushi Inabachief developer, spoke frankly about the topic at VGC: “The only thing we can comment on here in regards to the fall Babylon service closing, is that this unfortunate conclusion may have been something Generate some disappointment, maybe even angerTo our fans and players.”

And what disappointment our fan base may have caused is Something we feel a lotThe fact that we made our fans feel that way,” Annaba’s apology continues. Giving players any feeling other than fun and enjoyment with our creations is something we as developers are not happy about.”

Platinum Games plans after the fall of Babylon

While it is true that the outcome of this game as a service can be considered an end point in Platinum Games’ journey in terms of developing these titles, Inaba stresses that the road does not end here: “We learned a lot from this experience, Y It did not change our future plans or the possibility of moving forward with respect to Make games as a service. Games as a Service is definitely something we want to do and are making efforts going forward.”

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Moreover, the CEO notes that he was not entirely satisfied with the development organization, which is split between the work of Platinum Games and Square Enix. However, he is also aware that the team has focused on aspects that were not relevant such as the core game mechanics, something that will change with its future games as a service.

Whatever the case, everything indicates that Platinum Games are preparing for it Close this bitter chapter In her story as a developer. As we told you at the beginning of the news, the game has not finished impressing players with its first presentations, and as you can read on our site Analysis of the fall of BabylonThese are general impressions Agree with the end result of delivery.

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