Well-being management, increasing value

More and more professionals require highly trained to be able to manage the people who are today the strategic hub of any company. Fourth Edition of Master of Strategic Management in Organizational Well-Being (DEBO) By providing content that will be decisive in becoming The real change agent. In this version we have national and international students from Spain, Andorra, Ecuador, Chile and Mexico.

The The teacher comes with the newswith new faces, with additions Important reviewers, Teresa Vigo and Laura Chicawho, along with the staff of teachers, References in applied research in positive occupational psychology and health regulation Make this postgraduate degree even more enriching.

The Master, directed by Carmen Soler and Mercedes Aznar she has Reputable international partnersthat certify training that uses a Scientific methodology derived from positive occupational psychology (HERO model)to provide Health and Personnel Management Forms, Organizational Well-Being (ModeloMBO) Certification Forms, Emphasis on important issues such as Leadership (self-love, re-sequencing, emotional intelligence, security), Jobcrafting, Digitization In the organizational well-being model, Transformation and talent development Seniors in the age of longevity, Matchmaking, Creativity, Communication, Personal Branding, Marketing, Sustainability, and Neuro happiness models (happynet)among other things.

Training with a certificate of 60 credit hours for each University of Florida, Combine sessions Live online and online sessions on the platform, In addition, students have the opportunity to be able to use Diagnostic tool for health and flexi organizations, as well as access Specialized seminars Previously Guidance over the past fours months of the course, To assist the student when doing TFM work. There is also a chance to Participation in the distinguished international meeting “Health Organizations Forum”, webinars and book presentationsWhile you are earning a master’s degree, you are an active member of Society I mustgeneration International and multicultural synergies in an environment of growth and mutual learning.

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Carmen Soler, Organizational Well-Being Expert He explained, “At a crucial moment like the present, obtaining training that helps a company position itself strategically is essential. With the tools of this master’s degree, students can incorporate knowledge and an effective methodology to achieve healthy environments in increasingly competitive companies. Because investing in health has been proven Professionalism translates to less absenteeism, increased employee satisfaction and increased productivity.”

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