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Let’s see if they handle the numbers better in 2023. Several giants of the crypto ecosystem are starting to decide their future in these weeks. There are three cryptocurrency lending platforms that are not doing well and are resorting to different strategies to get out as safe as possible. In addition, the largest bitcoin miner in the United States is processing the bailout.

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Cryptocurrency lending platforms did not have a happy birthday, especially those that filed for bankruptcy. Some are already asking for permits to return the money, and other potential buyers have appeared who want to take them into the offices. The truth is that the future of the various platforms begins to be decided in these weeks.

It was the first to be reviewed through the courts BlockFi, which filed for bankruptcy last month. The cryptocurrency lending company has requested authorization from the US Department of Justice so that its users can withdraw blocked digital assets in BlockFi wallets.

Those who actually see where things are rearranged are the ones Celsius. They confirmed from the cryptocurrency firm that they already have 30 potential buyers for their assets, including the platform and mining business.

The asset auction will be held on January 10th. In total, he owns $2,600 million in cryptocurrency, although he does not pay the debt because the amount he owes is around $4,000 million.


Does your crypto company have a problem? Don’t worry, it’s coming binance And he keeps everything, as he is now about to deal with the assets Digital Voyagera cryptocurrency lending platform that went bankrupt in mid-2022.

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The person who will be in charge of the operation is Binance.US, the US subsidiary of the exchange led by Changpeng Zhao (CZ). Voyager Digital assets exceed $1 billion.

The final offer from the exchange is $1,022 million, which is the value of the cryptocurrency held by the cryptocurrency firm. In any case, the deal will close in April, and Binance has already made a “down payment” of $10 million. Although the sale is subject to a vote by the creditors, on the CZ side they think all is well going forward.

As if you’ll recall, Voyager ceased all operations in July to file for bankruptcy. The main reason was a $650 million loan he couldn’t afford, facilitated by hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, which he wasn’t able to afford.

Cryptocurrency ecosystem events

-boycott Buenos Aires Amending the financial law to start taxing cryptocurrency mining activity: they must pay 4% of the total tax.

He had no choice: Sam Bankman Fried Delivery to the United States accepted. He will freely face the process after his parents put the house as collateral. You can review previous shipments to update everything that happened around you FTX.

Forever: A user has recorded the phrase “Argentina is the 2022 World Champion!” on the bitcoin blockchain.

Decentralized exchange uniswap make an agreement with Moonbay So that users of the platform can buy cryptocurrencies with bank transfer, debit and credit cards.

– investigations the earth Follow: A South Korean court has frozen $92 million in assets of Kernel Labs, a company associated with Terreform Labs.

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scientific basicone of the most important bitcoin miners in the United States, is experiencing liquidity problems due to the surge in electricity: it has already been approved by the bankruptcy court for a loan of US$37.5 million.


Uruguay: The bill regulating virtual assets has been approved by the House of Representatives and has already gone to the Senate. If they give it the green light, the central bank will have authority over these assets.

Brazil: A few days after leaving office, President Jair Bolsonaro passed the law allowing the use of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment in the country.

China: The Zhejiang Provincial Government has launched a project to build an industrial pole in Metaverse District by 2025. The budget is 28 thousand million US dollars.

United State: Senator Pat Toomey introduced a bill to create a legal framework for the issuance of stablecoins.

Spain: They all get cryptocurrency: The central bank added eleven new cryptocurrency providers between October and December.

Nigeria: The government has almost everything in place to pass a bill to recognize cryptocurrencies as investment capital.

Canada: The Bank of Canada published an analysis highlighting the need for regulation of stablecoins.

Banks and financial institutions

Visa is working on an option so that its users can pay any tax in cryptocurrency from the company’s enabled wallets.

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