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This coming Friday, May 7, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., ORH and Aon will be hosting their latest webinar from Resilience webinar series: “Physical well-being and resilience. Taking care of your health has never been more important.

The dialogue between companies and their workers has evolved greatly in the past five decades. What started as a legislative change for employers to take steps to improve the health of their individuals on a material level has now expanded to A culture of shared responsibility between employee and employer to support well-being in all its aspects.

Offer a strategy that includes Five pillars of well-being (Physical, social, emotional, professional and financial) It will link wellness with resilience and create a workforce that can handle adversity.

The Aon Resilience Model defines physical wellness as having the energy to complete daily living tasks and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Organizations can create the supportive environment needed for people’s resilience by working on physical well-being in two factors, promoting physical activity and healthy habits and investing in protecting physical health.

To talk about all of this we will have:

  • Samara Conde Real de Aswa Director of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility at Egon
  • Anna Romeo Rubio Director of Human Resources at Cigna Spain
  • Dr.. Marisol Sanz – Director of the specialty of Salud in Aoun
  • Gonzalo Martinez Coco – Head of Welfare, Spain’s Aoun

Under supervision:

  • Mighty Signs – Director of ORH

The importance of various wellness strategies will be explored, as well as the good practices companies can implement to enhance the physical well-being of their employees.

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