We tell you what the authors of Destiny and First Halo are working on

PlayStation announced its acquisition of the study at the end of January, although it doesn’t rule out more purchases.

2022 started giving us some of the hottest news in recent years, and that includes Buy PlayStation for Bungie. At the time, the CEO of Sony said that this process appreciates $3.6 billion It is seen as a step to “Become more multi-platformAnd now we can say that the agreement between the two companies closed with satisfactory results.

Bungie is already recruiting a new game with a different approach to DestinyAfter all, PlayStation just announced on Twitter that Bungie will be joining the family. This summary message, which you can see in the tweet listed below these lines, does not provide details about what the authors of the message wrote. fate and the first HelloBut we were able to find out about some of his plans in the weeks after the initial news.

What is Bungie working on?

Before answering this question, it is important to note that Bungie will continue to improve the gaming experience. Fate 2 Through updates like charming queenwhich was launched last February. We don’t have more details about the future of FPS, but the authors are already looking for employees A new game with a different approach. In this way, we will pay attention to the developer’s social networks to learn more about it mysterious delivery.

Together, we share the dream of creating and nurturing premium franchises.bungeeLikewise, we also highlight some statements from Bungie which, while not confirming anything, Expect a very promising future. On the other hand, the developer considers that “together, we share a dream Create and sponsor premium franchises that unites friends around the world, families across generations, and fans across multiple platforms and entertainment. “

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In addition, the company complements these words by saying that “with SIE, the potential of our universes is Unlimited. Our future games will take bold steps into the spaces that Bungie hasn’t explored, and will continue Pushing the limits of what is possibleAnd it will always be built on a foundation of meaningful creativity, friendships and lifelong memories.”

PlayStation closes Bungie purchase: We tell you what Destiny and first Halo authors are working on

For its part, PlayStation will obviously consume Bungie’s purchase through Games as a ServiceBecause he already said that he plans with the help of his various studies Launch 10 titles this way before 2026. And don’t think the school shopping festival ends here, since then Sony has confirmed that it will continue this practice.

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