“We must refute with data and evidence.”

YesOnly Geordie Wild could do that. Many expected a major debate between the most prominent scientific promoters against the “conspiracy.” Finally in The Wild Project Javi Santaolalla, Rocío Vidal, Carles Torah and Rempel come together.

This discussion was highly anticipated, but in the end it did not have the expected guests. Whether because they don't like this kind of discussion or because they don't feel comfortable, changes have occurredGeordie Wilde wanted to explain how it was organised.

Thus arose the “science versus conspiracy” debate.

This live show was prepared a few months ago: “When Mr. Tartaria and MrEmpírico went viral, the discussion came up. I spoke with Javi Santaolalla and we discussed it. There were two ways, either we do it for now or we ignore it. In the first conversation we came to the conclusion that there is a certain type of discourse whose veracity in discussion can be dangerous.“.

But time passed and the situation changed: “Now that the prevalence has gone down, we thought about it again, because he and Rocio made videos about it, and we talked about it again.“Sometimes we think that if we don’t give them a voice it will be over, and eventually they can turn around and look at them as ‘martyrs.’”

This is how the “science vs. conspiracy” debate was created in The Wild Project

This is the main reason for discussion, so that we have time to refute their theories: “That's why we've come to the decision that the best thing is to confront it directly, and that's what we're going to do. Let them talk and shower them with data and evidence“.

It should also be noted that there are two “bottoms” of what was initially thought to be a debate: “With Quantum he knew he didn't want to be part of something like thatand I decided not to tell him. Mr. Emberico was the first one I spoke to, and he didn't mind coming, just a matter of time.. “I have spoken with Tartaria, and Rumple has decided so, for if M. Imperico is not at ease, he had better not be there.”

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