‘We know it’s a huge challenge’

Quartz’s presentation video has been removed from YouTube due to a torrent of “non-fans”.

the NFT They give a lot to talk about in the field of video games. Especially after a show Ubisoft Quartz, an exchange platform for these digital assets. The idea did not appeal to the gaming community, as criticism was about the maneuvering and A torrent of “non-fans” In the video they made conceal it. At the time, it was not known if Ubisoft would stop supporting the idea of ​​NFTs, but it is now back in the fray with statements clarifying your intentions about this practice.

We understand where feelings about this technology come from, and we have to take it into account.Didier GenevoisUbisoft made these ideas known through an interview with the broker Decode, which favors the current use of NFTs. Here, Ubisoft Blockchain Technical Director Didier Genevois explained it All opinions will be taken into account About Ubisoft Quartz: “We’ve had a lot of feedback since the announcement, and we’ve heard both the mood and the concerns,” Genevois explains. “We understand where the feeling for this technology comes from, and we need Take it into consideration Every step of the way. “

Ubisoft won't give up on NFTs despite the poor reception: "We know it's a big challenge"

From Genevois’ point of view, they know the impact of this ad on society and Don’t pretend to give up: “This experiment aims to understand how our players can receive and embrace the value proposition of decentralization. We know that Big challenge It will take time, but we want to stay true to our three principles. Some of the principles, according to the professional, are ‘responsible use of technology’, ‘building a safe environment’ for players to discover this world and ‘focusing on offers of great value to users that benefit their gaming experience’.

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Therefore, it is clear that Ubisoft Don’t intend to give up In his fight on the back of NFTs, something in him Yes, the creators of STALKER 2 have given up After the criticism he received for his proposal. After all, there are companies that find a great world to explore within NFTs, but This is not the case with Xboxwho considers it so More focused on exploitation than entertainment.

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