“We hope the new science law will replace a historical debt.”

With these terms, “Debt” and “Historical” (among other qualifications) referred to Minister of Science and Innovation Brand new Diana Morante science law Who comes to fix one valid so far from 2011, that’s what is meant shout And to remedy the deficiencies and great disparities it faces scientific community For the Spanish state, which has long been calling for a worthy future To develop their projects with a certain degree of hope and even calm. And so, we see on paper, all the innovations he proposes look very good, or at least they will try to compare us to the rest European countriesand leaders in research and development. Namely: the rain of millions, from European funds (welcome) which will make it possible to avoid, among other things, brain imigrante wave The gender gapwill also allow new Indefinite contracts As well as improving the status of pre-doctoral and post-doctoral contracts. The health system will see an increase in research team And you will be able to reduce a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork, which now greatly prevents help and Grant. That, in general, with what is to be settled, I recall again the words of the Minister (which I will also make my own) historical debts And although it will definitely fall short with many aspects to be resolved, it will be promising startBecause we must remember that a country without knowledge is a country no future.

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